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    Todos Los Cuentos ‎Collected Stories‬ Gabriel Garcí­a MáruezCollected here are twenty six of Gabriel Garcia Maruez's most bri

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    “Only his own death came between him and his grave Resigned he listened to the drop thick heavy exact as it dripped in the other w

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    Maruez is pure magic It's been a long time since I've read him except for the novella No One Writes to the Colonel two years back so this was in effect a reintroduction to his work And the enchantment has not fadedMaruez resembles three of my f

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    December 2009Some possibilities1 I may have gone in over my head with this one Gabriel García Máruez is uite the writer

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    6 Collected Stories by Gabriel García Márueztranslators Gregory Rabassa J S Bernsteinpublished 1984format 343 pa

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    You have to stay with this collection for awhile before it starts to grow on you for it is compiled in chronological order and throws the spotlight on the evolution of this writer and his craft as he matures towards winning the Nobel Prize for LiteratureThe 26 story collection is comprised of selections from three volumes of short stories that were published in the 1960’s and ‘70’s The stories in the first volume Eyes of Blue Dog ar

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    Reading Gabriel Garcia Maruez is like coming home a home crammed with the most wondrous oddities Birds of wild plumage Winds that scrape against sanity Seas that overcome and drown you But there's not a trace of cold heart stopping fear Maruez's realms are Sublime Collected Stories is a compilation of three collections Eyes of A Blue Dog Bi

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    The bestest short stories from Maruez Some just 5 pages long but packed with so much fervor and flavor Artificial Roses and The Sea of Lost Time were my favorites

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    Loved it

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    So first of all I have been reading this off and on for about three years now and I finally decided about two weeks ago to give it a serious effort from the beginning This is than just an interesting collection of stories; it's a document of Maruez's growth as a writer The first third of the book is frankly pretty terrible It's filled with

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E volumes Eyes of a Blue Dog Big Mama's Funeral and The Incredible and Sad Tale of lnnocent Eréndira and Her Heartless Grandmother Combining mysticism history and humor the stori. December 2009Some possibilities1 I may have gone in over my head with this one Gabriel Garc a M ruez is uite the writer and I probably lack the fortitude to deal with his imaginative genius Magical realism may not be my thing and my expectations on reading from this were unrealistic having read and loved A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings a few years ago my mistake was to assume the entire three collections in one volume collection would be just as simple and delightful Perhaps Garc a M ruez or his stories at least should not be read so casually2 Maybe Gabriel Garc a M ruez isn t so great I mean maybe his stories aren t so great I mean maybe his earlier work written when he was much younger isn t nearly as good as his later stories and his novels I mean argh don t hurt me Please don t tell Oprah I ll be good I promise I m sorry I m sorry I m sorry2 12 Pssst Overhere Wehaveto whisper So maybe the uality of Gabriel Garc a M ruez s earlier stories presented here in chronological order arent nearly as strong as his other work I mean lets face it magical realism for magical realism s sake isn t easy to pull off especially in a story collection like this That s not to say all but one story were bad aside from Old Man I liked The Woman Who Came at Six O Clock Balthazar s Marvelous Afternoon The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World and a handful of others the rest just didn t really speak to me But I could be wrong Perhaps I should try some of his novels insteadAre they gone yet Can I come out now

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Collected here are twenty six of Gabriel Garcia Maruez's most brilliant and enchanting short stories presented in the chronological order of their publication in Spanish from thre. Only his own death came between him and his grave Resigned he listened to the drop thick heavy exact as it dripped in the other world in the mistaken and absurd world of rational creatures In twenty six stories from Eyes of a Blue Dog Big Mama s Funeral and The Incredible and Sad Tale of lnnocent Er ndira and Her Heartless Grandmother the greatness of Gabriel Garc a M ruez is confirmed once again Stories of communities torn apart by dispute poverty and superstition Stories of communities brought together by hope and love and the daily struggle to survive Towns where angels with gigantic wings roam free demons spread their stink which the perfume of roses cannot disguise women are either revered figures or seductresses that search for an escape from a bleak reality Either way it is women that hold the strings to the puppet show of a paranoid world Every day I try to remember the phrase with which I am to find you I said Now I don t think I ll forget it tomorrow Still I ve always said the same thing and when I wake up I ve always forgotten what the words I can find you with are Eyes of A Blue Dog It would be impossible to choose my favourite stories in the array of crumbling towns and dirty harbours In the company of fairs civil servants and officials shady encounters and enterprises and otherworldly women In the nights of August with its melancholy and strange magnetism all things are possible I remembered the August nights in whose wondrous silence nothing could be heard except the millenary sound that the earth makes as it spins on its rusty unoiled axis Suddenly I felt overcome by an overwhelming sadness Since it s Sunday and it s stopped raining I think I ll take a bouuet of roses to my grave Birds are breaking windows invading houses only to die inside In the August heat the deserted streets unwashed because of the droughts are suffocating the pedestrians with the stench of death What does the troubled priest actually see around him The Wandering Jew or the Devil himself Blind women try to warn others with their vision but who believes them Wives ask to be buried alive and a town is visited by the travelling show of the woman who was turned into a spider for having disobeyed her parents The isolated ruined towns have lost their multicoloured glory eaten away by the vicious sun and the cruel sea And there is no mercy in store for the residents If we find each other sometimes put your ear to my ribs when I sleep on the left side and you ll hear me echoing Eyes of a Blue Dog A sensual haunting mesmerizing elegy of a relationship in a dream Someone Has Been Disarranging These Roses Who is the ghost Who is dead Who is alive A tale of loneliness isolation sanctity and sacred roses Monologue of Isabel Watching It Rain in Macondo The desire for rain becomes an unimaginable terror for the community of Macondo A story that represents the uniue lyrical voice of M ruez The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her heartless Grandmother One of the most powerful cruel raw stories by M ruez How much does innocence cost in a community that cannot find its way through the darknessEvery passage written by M ruez is a revelation of the power of Literature Its magic its lyrical voice its mesmerizing uality to carry you in dark worlds into your soul In a site that supposedly promotes reading it is astonishing to see many readers dismissing M ruez on the grounds of magical realism and being incomprehensible How about you try a little The angel was the only one who took no part in his own act He spent his time trying to get comfortable in his borrowed nest befuddled by the hellish heat of the oil lamps and sacramental candles that had been placed along the wire She s done a lot of travelling Mr Herbert said She s carrying behind the flowers from all the seas of the world My reviews can also be found on

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Es in this collection span than two decades illuminating the development of Maruez's prose and exhibiting the themes of family poverty and death that resound throughout his fictio. Reading Gabriel Garcia Maruez is like coming home a home crammed with the most wondrous oddities Birds of wild plumage Winds that scrape against sanity Seas that overcome and drown you But there s not a trace of cold heart stopping fear Maruez s realms are Sublime Collected Stories is a compilation of three collections Eyes of A Blue Dog Big Mama s Funeral and The Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother Respectively each of these collections were originally published in No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories Leaf Storm and Other Stories and Innocent Erendira and Other Stories and I believe the difference between initial published collections and this compilation is that this text doesn t include the title novellas save for Innocent Erendira Spanning work from 1947 to 1972 the first two stories of this compilation from Eyes of a Blue Dog are preoccupied with death Though highly abstract and at the same time visceral the details twitch and flitter making the skin crawl Death elicits unease yet this macabre obsession shows hints toward a writer s meager canvas The characters embody smallness of mind An ego coddling itself Much of the first collection is filled with amorphous plots and insulated characters As the stories progress and as we move from one collection to another we see Maruez step outside of his own neuroses and evolve as artist His maturation is one of literature s greatest treasures As the writer strengthens his style the tales grow sophisticated with multiple characters interaction dialogue and wild tangles of narrativeMost often on the first read Maruez may be difficult to analyze for literal meaning We simply can t Our instinct may be to kick back and enjoy the imagery the sound of the language and the accumulation of tones and hues What Maruez may lack in characterization and narrative he certainly makes up for in description and imagery of time and space From Monologue of Isabel the notion of time upset since the day before disappeared completely then there was no Thursday What should have been Thursday was a physical jelly like substance thing that could have been parted with the hands in order to look into Friday 100Then it rained And the sky was a gray jellyfish like substance that flapped its wings a hand away from our heads 94From The Other Side of Death Gently wrapped in the warm climate of a covered serenity he felt the lightness of his artificial and daily death He sank into a loving geography into an easy ideal world a world like one drawn by a child with no algebriac euations with no living farewells no force of gravity 17From the collection Big Mama s Funeral Maruez lends from Shakespeare in There are no Thieves in this Town when husband and wife plot against their small home town in South America they re soon torn asunder from guilt The burden of masuerading as innocent proves too much for them One Day After Saturday honors Woolf and Joyce Maruez jumps from characters thoughts and reveals how each are bound in a small town by a mysterious phenomena We slip through them like wisps of air feeling and knowing every individual breath and spirit Maruez in the spirit of the Modernists challenges the singularity of existence He affirms the beauty of fiction the power of fiction and the danger of stories in that we can find connection though we may feel estranged from even our closest loved onesDeath is still prominent but holds meaning in the last collection The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother Instead of a single pitiful life hanging in the balance towards the end of the collection mortality signifies the ruin of a country the decay of a culture and the corruptness of a civilization The Sea of Roses is utterly intoxicating A story that will hold you Hunger and death are close siblings clambering for our attention The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World an absolute gem the imagery and characters are embedded into my artistic DNA A Christ like tale but not really in this story a stranger washes up on shore and the town people s hearts grow wider their faith and compassion stronger Instead of focusing on the afflicted man who inspired hope we turn our gaze to the people themselves and revel in their own strength and beauty their fatally exuisite flaws which mean collectively than the death or life for that matter of a single man The Last Voyage of the Ghost Ship another homage to the Modernists of Woolf and Joyce is complete stream of consciousness no punctuation Thoughts bleed into each other Readers take your time with this one and be sure to come up for air so you can marvel in this tale that will consume you This work must be kin to another of Maruez s from the collection Strange Pilgrims Light is Like Water where young boys push the boundaries of imagination and rebel against the pedestrian adult world A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings is another tale burned to memory All I can say is if you haven t read it or any of the tales from Innocent Erendira then you haven t really known how wonderful literature can be As I read these tales I grew hungry to learn their back stories Where did Maruez get his characters What snippets of conversations snatches of songs and tidbits of heresy inspired these wonderful pieces of Art Which ones were lifted from newspapers Are the kernels of each from yarns his grandparents spun for him How many are slips of childhood memories Maruez s words are imprinted in the genetic makeup of all my writerly endeavors I look to him as all life seeks bright rays of light