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Tight Laced

Dana’s life as a busy ad executive reuires uick thinking and total control Maybe it spills over into her private life but that doesn’t mean she’s a control freak does it Her friends are not above g I Love You Almost Always doesn’t mean she’s a control freak Gloom Town does it Her friends are not above g


T be out of control Can she release some of hers to Lance or will she screw up this relationship like all the others Dana wants the relationship to work but she will have to trust Lance to take the reins

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Iving her a few hints They convince her to go out with them to have some fun and relax if she meets someone all the better Then she meets Lance and learns that there are other ways to lose control and no

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  • Tight Laced
  • Marla Monroe
  • English
  • 07 May 2018
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    Short sweet and to the point Amazing how much can be stuffed into so few pages From the very clever beginning to the very abrupt ending this is an enjoyable story Even the title is apt as Dana is not only laced tightly into her job but also bound into place by her past experiences Dana’s fears and hopes are explained uickly and i

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