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Summary Mosaic AUTHOR Patrick Nachtigall

Does a Christian movement born in the nineteenth century still have a future Patrick Nachtigall sets out on a journey to see how the Church of God Anderson IN headuarters is facing six critical challenges Nachtig.

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Mosaic AUTHOR Patrick Nachtigall

S is filled with holiness but desperately lacking in unity So its future is an open uestion Mosaic is for anyone who wants to understand macro trends that affect not only the Church of God but the church worldwid.

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All treks to six different continents to talk with Church of God people seeking to understand the realities they face in the twenty first century Here is a picture of a very diverse movement which Nachtigall find.

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    una mirada imparcial al movimiento reformador de la iglesia de Dios en el mundo sus contextos y perspectivasMuy ilustrativoIt's a must to have an Spanish translation

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