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    Andrew C Parker AM'77 PhD'87Author The Theorist's Mother is a critical reconsideration of the freuently absent or troubled figure of the mother in theorists including Marx Freud Lacan and Derrida

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In The Theorist's Mother one of our subtlest literary theorists turns his attention to traces of the maternal in the lives and works of canonical male critical theorists Noting how the mother is made to disappear both as the object of theory and as its subject Andrew Parker focuses primarily on the legacies of Marx and Freud who uniuely constrain their would be heirs to return. Listening Woman by Tony Hillerman Summary & Study Guide uniuely constrain their would be heirs to return.

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The Theorists Mother

To the origin of each founding figure's texts Analyzing the effects of these constraints in the work of Lukács Lacan and Derrida among others Parker suggests that the injunction to return transforms the history of theory into a form of genealogy meaning that the mother must somehow be involved in this process even if as in Marxism she seems wholly absent or if her contribution.

Read ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Andrew Parker

S are discounted as in psychoanalysis Far from being marginalized the mother shows herself throughout this book to be inherently multiple and therefore never simply who or what theory may want her to be In a provocative coda Parker considers how theory’s mother troubles will be affected retroactively by scientific advances that make it impossible to presume the mother's gende.