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Analysis Taoism and his own religious philosophy of Thelema to divine the depths of human nature and solve a wide array of crimes and mysteriesThe six Scrutinies of Simon Iff stories are set in France and England anchored by Iff's beloved Hemlock Club The twelve Simon Iff in America stories afford Crowley's penetrating insights into America as he found it during his residence from 1914 to 1919 His three Simon Iff Abroad stories. Read this as part of my Insane Read All Sources League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen ProjectCrowley isn t half the writer he thinks he is Alan Moore s fascination with him continues to baffle me although it s possible that he respects him less as a storyteller and as a provocateur and role model The Simon Iff stories 85% of the book are dull and self indulgent with the occasional ham handed attempt to titillate The Golden Twigs the remaining 15% are short stories referencing the Golden Bough Frazer s MASSIVE treatise on folk religion and ceremonial magic and they are far compelling although reading the Golden Bough just to get the references is probably not going to be worth the average reader s timeSo mote it be Reiki A Comprehensive Guide get the references is probably not জামশেদ মুস্তফির হাড় going to be worth the average reader s timeSo mote it be


The Simon Iff Stories Other Works

This volume brings together two series of short fiction by the poet writer and religious philosopher Aleister Crowley 1875 1947 It includes the first complete publication of Simple Simon the detective series featuring Crowley's most memorable fictional creation the mystic magician philosopher psychoanalyst detective Simon Iff The idealised Crowley in old age Simon Iff is wise knowing and unfailingly humorous as he applied psycho. I have a rather strict personal policy of finishing books I ve started but less than a week after starting this one was seriously testing my resolve Ultimately I persevered largely due to mention in other reviews of the Golden Twigs portion of the book as somewhat worthwhile About 3 weeks later with several breaks and a slew of palate cleansing YA fluff tomes I m finally able to get this out of my lifeI noticed a remark by another reviewer that this book was not uite so racist as feared I would say uite the opposite Barely through the first fifth of it I had already slammed the book shut in disgust several times Obviously these stories being written nigh on a good hundred years ago you can t expect them to reflect contemporary moral sensibilities But things like I should like here to make the point that she was a sex degenerate like his mother for all white women who marry coloured men must be classed as such p106 Or Scratch the Russian and you find the Tatar Well scratch the Scotchman and you have a being who can give points and a beating to the Chinese or the Red Indian p124 I might have been able to wince my way through the rank racial generalisations and overt misogyny with a bit less grumbling if the mysteries had indeed been the greatest sensation since Sherlock Holmes p 12 uoted from September 1917 issue of the Crowley edited literary monthly The International Some of the stories had well written captivating openings However none of the deductions or psychological analyses have impressed me There has never been a Wow moment like the ones Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie have been able to elicit from me just contrived explanations Simon Iff just brings to mind a description of annoying adolescent hipsters I think I picked up from the NME some dude who wears a trilby and tape measure tie and walks around with a biscuit tin JUST BECAUSE The rendering of Simon Iff s offbeat intelligence and brilliance is neither intelligent nor brilliant The character is nothing than someone utterly pleased with himself despite essentially being an utter moron smugly tottering around with a biscuit tin waiting for an opportunity to be wacky and offer a stranger an unsolicited biscuit out of the blue In his mind the biscuit tin is delightfully inspired BECAUSE HE S SO KOOKY AND UNIUE but really it s just a sad device used in a desperate attempt to draw attention to his self perceived genius and garner some praise from others Considering how Simon Iff is supposed to be some kind of flattering reflection of the author the Crowley uote mentioned in the editor s notes re his birthplace Warwickshire strange coincidence that one small county should have given England her two greatest poets for one must not forget Shakespeare from his Confessions seems to capture how grossly and falsely self agrandising this whole exercise really isI held off on the star rating until I d made my way through the Golden Twigs portion These were marginally better Most read like parables without any clear governing principles I can however recall just the one story as being possibly likable on its own rather sweet even and with an ending that was mildly amusing rather than pointless I will admit to not being familiar with The Golden Bough at all Some light research after the fact makes me think I may have been even warmly inclined if I d been better versed with this inspirational material especially considering how 95% of the minimal joy I was able to derive from this book came from the historicalcharacter backgrounds provided in the Notes and Sources at the endIn sum the appendix was rather interesting some of Golden Twigs was ok Simon Iff UUGGGGGH The ONLY other reason I kept reading the drink recipe Crowley Cup No 3 Take a large jug the larger the better half fill with selected strawberries cover the fruit with Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge ice carefully fill up with iced champagne the best obtainable Stir the mixture drink it order and repeat p101 had me holding out for in story foodie moments According to the final notes Crowley was an innovative chef who gained a reputation for dinner parties featuring his unusually hot curries he left dozens of recipes that are being collected for publication p539 Examples of other offerings from these miserable tales a savoury invented by himself consisting of Toast Melba spread with mushrooms anchovies olives and pimento made into a paste This was covered with bay leaves on which was spread a mixture of caviar raw onions ginseng and Bombay Duck sprinkled lightly with powdered hashish Cocktails consisting of two teaspoonfuls of liueur brandy one of Curacao and one of laudanum preceded the repast p268 For drink he concluded let there be a great stein of the old musty ale laced with a wine glassful of gin and another of rum flavour the mixture with a tablespoonful of cr me de noyaux p282

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Take the reader to tribal North Africa inaccessible Central Africa and to the high seas The two Simon Iff Psychoanalyst stories were among the earliest tales to use the new science of psychoanalysis to solve mysteries Also included is Crowley's other major short fiction series the eight stories of his legendary Golden Twigs which were inspired by Sir JG Frazer's encyclopedic study of myth and religion in history The Golden Bough. Interesting and somewhat odd but that was only to be expected Preferred the Simon Iff stories to the Golden Twigs at the end He does seem to have a lot of disturbed women as characters

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    I have a rather strict personal policy of finishing books I've started but less than a week after starting this one was seriously testing my

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    This is a marvelous and affordable collection of Aleister Crowley's Simon Iff detective series and his Golden Twigs series of stories inspired by Frazier's Golden Bough This collection is published as companion vo

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    The under appreciated and under valued work of Crowley is found in his fiction While it certainly doesn't make any kind of Top 10 list in a fancy newspaper when compared to the rest of his corpus The Simon Iff Stories Other Works stands out as a collection of some of Crowley's best work and a worthy companion to The Drug and Other

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    Read this as part of my Insane Read All Sources League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen ProjectCrowley isn't half the writer he thinks he is Alan Moore's fascination with him continues to baffle me although it's possible that he respects h

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    Interesting and somewhat odd but that was only to be expected Preferred the Simon Iff stories to the Golden Twigs at the end He does seem to have a lot of disturbed women as characters

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    Not as racist as I feared Simon Iff is a clever variation of the consulting detective a la Holmes but also a mystic and a little bit cantankerous uite funny even Other Works included in this compilation are all of Crowley's Golden Twigs stories based on The Golden Bough about pagan ritual or magick They come close to some of some of Arthur Machen's works and are uite uniue little fantasies But darkly

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    An entertaining if patchy read; particularly the Simon Iff stories where the mystic Simon Iff a thinly veiled idealised olde

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    Pungent effluvia from a mind supremely overconfident in its own depth and literary originality The stories are duller than cow’s teeth pretentious and usually stupid If you are interested in Crowley start elsewhere

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