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When Ross abducted her and took her to his island Macy's resolve began to crumble After all she was still married to the man. there wasn t enough angst in this one even though there was a lot of potential for it An ok read Sarah Craven s written much better stuff

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Thunder on the Reef

When he had abandoned her for better thingsNow they had met again and she had no intention of making the same mistakes But. Besotted H me

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I want you back in my life back in my bedMacy had fallen for Ross Bannister's charms before only to be totally disillusioned. Re Thunder on the Reef Sara Craven does a second chance with kidnapping trope grab your sunglasses and your tropical beverages we are going to the BahamasThis one starts with the h in the Bahamas trying to close a land deal to buy a private island for her father s property conglomerate The h s father also has a business partner that her father is clearly trying to pimp her out to but the h takes after her mother with her business sense and is trying to prove herself worthy of a careerWe learn that the h is seekritly married and has been for five years She met her husband at a photography exhibit well before he had made a name for himself Because the h s father is a controlling nematode and the h did not want to face it she hid her marriage from the slime pustule and let her father think it was only a live in temporary thingThe h s father went out of his way to provide photographic evidence that the H was involved with another woman and that he paid the H 150000 to make the H leave her So the h sincerely believes that the H used her to get a payout to finance his jump start for a wildlife photography career and that he was involved with another woman the whole time they were together and he dumped the h when he got her father s cheueThen the h finds out that the H is connected with the owner of the island she is trying to buy on behalf of her father s firm but it isn t until the H kidnaps her and strands her with him on the island called Thunder Cay that the h finds out the H is now the owner of the placeThe H reveals that the reclusive and ill billionaire who was the original owner is his illegitimate dad His mother fell in love with the guy and then dumped him when she found out he was married and told him not to come back until he was free Ironically the H s bio dad s wife died right before the H s mother did so the two were never able to reunite and the H knew nothing of this until his mother s deathThe H and h are now living in a beach shack on the H s island and the H proposes that they resume their marriage the H s dad is sick he would like a grandchild and the H and h are still sharing that Old Black Lurve Mojo The h is horrified This is a guy who took money to dump her and had an OW The same OW who is also the H s father s nurse and who does a lot of undersea diving with the H during his photography sessions The h is even horrified when she finds the OW s clothes in the beach shack and learns that the H expects her to wear themThe h demands to be taken back to the mainland and the H refuses After the h gets heatstroke and becomes ill the H takes care of her and tries hard to make the h stay with him by offering the island deal in return for a child We get some back and forth bickering some nightime skinny dipping with a shark warning and some island sight seeing but the tension is mounting and the storm will soon breakThe h believes the H wants revenge because the H claims the h dumped him without so much as a by your leave He believed it was because she did not want to travel the world with the H in primitive conditions while he worked on his nature photographs However it is pretty easy to see the H is still in love with her we are just waiting on SC for the explanationsThe h blows the H s payoff accusations off like the garbage they are But all the OW clothes in the world can t get rid of her Treacherous Body Syndrome that throws caution to the winds and she has a big Lurve Mojo moment reuniting with the HThe h is very sad cause she realizes she really loves the H and always will and all he seems to want is revenge for some imagined slight to his ego The H once his passion is expunged tells the h they won t work out and he will agree to her petition for divorce Then he gives her the unredeemed cheue he was paid off with four years earlier and the h is in shock Especially when the OW shows up on the island and assumes the place has been sold to the h He takes her back to the mainland and the h s father is there He does his best to bully the h into accepting a marriage with his business partner and flat out tells her if she doesn t agree to marry the guy the father will be ruined probably from shady dealsThe h who has a trust established for her by her wealthy mother and is set to inherit a lot in the next few years calls her father out on his pimp daddy tactics and in a SC first tells the father he is out of luck she doesn t like his partner and she is resigning from the firm and the father can deal with his own mess Then she drops the bombshell that she and the H are married that the H gave her the cheue back that he supposedly took to dump her and that she is totally aware that the father staged the breakup and she is very angry about it The h s father asks the h to give him the cheue but the h refuses and puts it in her handbagThe h s father looks like he is going to pass out and the h decides she is leaving the next day She goes out for a walk on the moonlit beach and runs smack dab into the H s chest The big explanation s finally beginThe h knows that her father pushed the whole break up to pimp her out to his business partner and that was why he got those photographs of the H and the OW The H tells the h that the OW is not the H s lover and never has been The H s father sent her to London five years earlier to ask the H to meet with him The OW can also dive and knows the area that the H was using for his big nature photographsBut while the H did pretend to be interested in the OW to make the h jealous he has always been faithful to his wife Now however after she came to island and was rebuffed by the H the OW has disappeared into the mists of HPlandia and the clothes the h found in the beach shack were bought especially for her by the H to start their reconciliation and make up for their poverty stricken beginnings The H claims that he still loves the h even tho he knows she paid him off But hopefully with so much passion still between them she will want to stick around now even if it is only temporary because he doesn t want to live without her The h is puzzled she tells the H that she never paid him off her father did and the H tells her to look at the signature on the cheue They go back to the h s room and find the h s father trying to steal the cheue of her purse The h looks at the cheue and sees that it is her signature the h s father slipped it into some trust documents and distracted the h while she was signing The H and h finally get just how far the h s slime slurping sewer blob father went to break them apart and the h tells the father he is out of luck and on his own cause she and the H will be reunited in love travelling the world together and leaving him to face the music for his bad behavior alone for the big SC HP HEAThis one was very well done and a nice story The H is one of SC s nicer H s and the h was not a doormat either It was clear that there was some outside influence that messed these two love birds up but SC does a good job in creating a little mystery about how it all was maneuveredThis is not SC s usual angstfest of drama but it is a nicely written and sweet HPlandia outing worth the read if you find it

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    Re Thunder on the Reef Sara Craven does a second chance with kidnapping trope grab your sunglasses and your tropical beverages we are going to the BahamasThis one starts with the h in the Bahamas trying to close a land deal to buy

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    Rich girl heroine secretly married free lance photographer hero 4 years before Daddy dearest broke them up by showing heroine photos

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    Besotted H ❤️ me

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    Thunder on the Reef is the story of Macy and RossA couple estranged due to misunderstandings and evil fathers gets reunite

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    there wasn't enough angst in this one even though there was a lot of potential for it An ok read Sarah Craven's w

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    Thunder on the ReefWhen her father conspired to break her and the man she loves apart it took five years for her to get th

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    My first book of the year certainly made a great impression for me as for the author I´m dully grateful for finding her books by chance Though they were written uite a while ago they´re delectable Loved the story even though it made shed several tears I´ll keep on reading D

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