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And soldiers in private armiesThis is the third volume in the uniue Freedom's Battle trilogy which provides intensely vivid accounts of war at sea in the air and on land Far better than any single narrative the extracts build up a complete picture of the War as it was experienced by the men and women who actually fought in i.

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The War on Land

Ed an infinite variety of experience often under stresses as great as human beings have endured Reactions are correspondingly various from the comic to the appalledHere are the testimonies of those who fought in all the great campaigns in Europe Africa and the Far East Here too are the words of prisoners partisans saboteurs.

characters The War on Land

'This anthology is a distillation of what the fighters put down at the time or in retrospect to tell others or perhaps convince themselves what it was all about Here are the words of the wise the witty the nonchalant the devil may care the poets and the prodigals' From the Editor's ForewordOn land the Second World War provid.

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