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Keras author Simon Rae

All his life Jack Henley has felt at home in the woods at home than when he's actually at home with his parents He loves watching the badgers play fighting in the summer evenings and pretending to be outlaws or cannibals wit.

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Save the unicorn from extinction But as they continue in secrecy Jack begins to wonder whether Mr Finistaire is uite what he seems Will the bond between Keras and Jack be enough to withstand the danger that awaits them both.

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H his two best friends When Jack discovers that the woods hide an incredible secret a beautiful extraordinary unicorn he cannot believe his eyesHe and the owner of the woods the eccentric Mr Finistaire embark on a journey to.

About the Author: Simon Rae

Simon Rae is a British poet broadcaster biographer and playwright who runs the Top Edge Productions theatre company He won the Poetry Society's National Poetry Competition in 1999 and has also been awarded an Eric Gregory Award and a Southern Arts Literature Bursary and held Royal Literary Fund fellowships at Oxford Brookes and Warwick Universities His play Grass won a Fringe Highlight award i

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    The story of a boy and his unicorn and those who might seek it for their own end It was charming in a way although Jack wasn't a very nice character in both actions and thoughts I can't really see why Keras would choose him unless he had depths that were never revealed in the book Harriet I could understand better; she was like Hermione and therefore slightly like me at schoolStill the idea of it was magical enough for me The wo

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