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  • Holiday by Design
  • Patricia Kay
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  • 09 December 2018
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    3 Stars This story opens with Joanna's 30th birthday party and her feelings that she's not achieved any of the goals she had set for herself in the past ten years She'd expected to be married and at least pregnant and tha

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    Good book though I did have a hard time with the hero Joanna is ready to take the next step to make her dreams come true All she needs is a way to get her designs in front of the public Scoring a chance to show her

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    I t was an ok read Hero spent too much time worrying about the differences Then seems to fall in love rather uickly

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    Again this was another very predictable read but it had a good story behind it Be yourself

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Holiday by Design

Turning thirty Time for artist Joanna Spinelli to put her life plan into action Will true love be on her to do list USA TODAY bestselling author Patricia Kay opens a new chapter of The Hunt for Cinderella Joanna Spinelli was determined to make her design dreams finally. 3 Stars This story opens with Joanna s 30th birthday party and her feelings that she s not achieved any of the goals she had set for herself in the past ten years She d expected to be married and at least pregnant and that her career as a fashion designer would be successfully established Instead she d just broken up with her boyfriend also her boss worked a job that had nothing to do with fashion and was at her wits end on how to jump start her fashion career Recently she d read of a trendy art gallery was promoting a jewelry designer and Joanna was eager to meet with him to show him her portfolio of designs However when Joanna went to the gallery the manager a very stuck up staid woman tried to brush her off so the best Joanna could do was leave her card After Joanna left the manager had promptly thrown the card to the waste basket but it missed it s mark and landed on the floor Marcus is 35 and often feels much much older At the age of 21 he d had to give up his own dreams of become an artist when his father suddenly died leaving him in charge not only as the new head of the family but also of the Barlow empire Breathing and working with a generation older than himself he views on acceptable behaviour and attire became conservative The only thing whimsy in his life was his art gallery where he sponsored Up and Coming artists asking little in return When he found Joanna s card on the floor he was intrigued by the slogan When you want to feel like a princess and he checks out her website Her gowns are most definitely suitable for a princess elegant and sexy a combination difficult to achieve in design Marcus sets up a meeting and one look at Joanna and he s dismayed and yet excited too Her own personal style is rather eclectic but there s something amazing about her that appeals to him These two are a bit of opposites attracting Joanna is stubborn and determined to make her own success She s not a wild child but she does love to wear black and her makeup tends to be applied with a heavy hand She s beautiful in her own way with a generous heart and confidence to expect people to take her as she is Marcus from the get go wants to know her better but he keeps planning out how he can make her fit better into his life with little changes here and there While he doesn t come out and voice his disapproval should Joanna not meet his standards for appearance it s obvious he wishes she d conform While this is a lovely story and I think Joanna and Marcus do suit each other very well I didn t uite feel the magic of their romance Marcus actions at the end of the book clearly speak for how much he loves Joanna just the way she is and it was all a really swoon worthy event It was a huge leap though and it would have been satisfying if we would have been privvy to how Marcus came to his revelations This is an enjoyable book and although it s part of a continuity it can easily be read as a stand alone

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Happen Getting a show at Marcus Barlow's art gallery was key Sure the straitlaced businessman might be just a little too sedate for her taste But just one look and she could feel herself melt like chocolate She was like a fresh breeze to his all work no play life And th. Good book though I did have a hard time with the hero Joanna is ready to take the next step to make her dreams come true All she needs is a way to get her designs in front of the public Scoring a chance to show her work at Marcus s gallery is just what she needs She s not sure how well they ll deal together since he s pretty conservative and she s not but she ll do her best She didn t expect the heat between them and was very sure that getting involved with him would be a mistake But Marcus doesn t seem to agreeI really liked Joanna She knows what she wants to do with her designs and she is determined to find a way to do it I loved her visit to Marcus s gallery and the way she refused to be intimidated by the snotty manager Her excitement when she got his call was fantastic and gave her a nice boost in confidence That excitement dimmed a little when she met him because she felt that her sense of style was one that he didn t really approve of She wasn t too sure about his suggestion that she pair her designs with his sister s jewelry but was willing to keep an open mind That open mind paid off when she and Vanessa had a chance to meet and get to know each other and they discovered that they could work well together Joanna was a little disturbed by his disapproving attitude toward his sister She also found that there was a lot that she and Marcus did agree on and their attraction kept building There were some great scenes of them together when everything went well I liked the charity dinner that they went to and how Marcus made a point of introducing her to so many people There were also times when Joanna s insecurities caused her to feel that being with Marcus was not going to end well especially when she had to deal with his snob of a mother I felt really bad for her when inviting Marcus and his sister to spend Thanksgiving with her family didn t go well I loved the fact that she stood up for herself and let him know that if he didn t like her the way she was that was his problem not hersI spent most of the book wanting to push Marcus into a really cold body of water to wake him up to what a jerk he was I felt a little sorry for him because he d given up his own dreams when his father died and he had to take over the family business But he spent way too much time worrying about appearances and trying to control what his brother and sister did I did like the way that he used his gallery to help various artists get started and the way that he shut down the manager when she was snotty about Joanna He had a good eye for possibilities which is why he wanted to pair up Joanna and Vanessa I didn t like the way he treated Vanessa like a child when they were at lunch with Joanna Or the way he kept putting down his brother What really made me mad about him was the way he admitted his attraction to Joanna but kept thinking about how he would have to get her to change certain things so that she would properly fit into his life When he went with her for Thanksgiving his attitude about her family was terrible It served him right when he later made a comment about her tattoo and she told him to take a hike It was satisfying when he finally realized what an idiot he was and his go big moment was pretty darn good

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Ough Marcus appreciated her carefree lifestyle he knew Joanna would have to change to fit into his world Yet by asking her to become someone she was not would Marcus lose the things he cherished in her the most Or would he finally learn to loosen his tie and open his hea. I t was an ok read Hero spent too much time worrying about the differences Then seems to fall in love rather uickly

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