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Demon Spawn

K to health only to discover that he brought home the Demon Child himself and that the title is a literal description rather than a monikerStatus WIPhttporiginaladultfanfictionnets.

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When Vaughn Shido joined his brother's troops as they besieged the desert city of Ro'don he assumed that the infamous enemy commander Ari Kale adopted the title Demon Child to insp.

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Ire fear in his enemies After a gruesome battle fate and a psychotic ally guide him to a beautiful young enemy on the brink of death He steals the young man away and nurses him bac.

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    Read up to chapter 18Very very charming story Well written with special care in developing the world in their history and culture The politics inside are defined and intricate; the characters deep and fascinating The MCs are fantas

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    Really interesting and intense I loved the plot and the characters and I can barely keep my eyes open now 'cause I had to read it in one sitting DKale has been possessed by an ancient demon god since he was a 7

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    A very imaginative and interesting story with several likeable characters along with a few villains it proved uite captivating most of the time However they were a few things that let it down The language in both the narrative and the dialogue

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