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Joyce Westfield thought she had it all Married to her high school sweetheart and being a housewife was what life was meant to be or was it Joyce eventually finds out that first loves aren’t always the answer to a woman’s prayer It saddens her that her weight had become an issue causing her marriage to failWhen her marriage takes a miserable turn Joyce decides she’d better start taking action to prepa We ve all heard the saying You can forgive but you can never forget That s how it goes when someone breaks your heart The main character Joyce is faced with the same uestion that many of us will face at some point in our life Should she stay with a cheating spouse and try and forgive and forget Should she try and save what s left of her failing marriage or should she end it and move on For most people that live through this it will be the most difficult period of their life How we handle it defines the strength of our character That is what makes this book such a treasure Author Deborah McClatchey skillfully develops Joyce s character so that we get to really know her and feel for her We want the best for her Some people in this situation would just cower and do nothing and wait for the inevitable painful ending But Joyce is a strong intelligent woman It is that inner strength that drives her to become an independent woman Joyce maintains her dignity throughout the painful transition Second Chances is a wonderful story I love a story that empowers women and this story does just that It may inspire those in a similar situation to become independent and capable of surviving and thriving on their own In addition to the romance there are also some shocking and exciting surprises woven into the plot that could completely alter the future for Joyce Second Chances is a well written page turner with just the right amount of descriptive text to help the reader form images as they read In short it was a pleasure to read and I am looking forward to reading titles by this talented authorThis book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Second Chances

Re herself for the inevitable divorce She develops her talents as a baker and creates a thriving business earning a decent living Soon she discovers the ‘maturing and confident woman’ hidden inside herself She eventually learns Rob is cheating on her with another woman; but Joyce can’t seem to let him go By chance she meets Kevin Munday a charming young man who changes her perspective on life and lov Very much enjoyed this book fan of the author and read everything she writes

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E She nearly loses him over her many foolish decisions involving Rob Can she salvage the marriage or is it really worth the troubleNevertheless Kevin is truly in love with Joyce and is willing to give her all the time she needs to make her choice For Joyce a second chance can mean finding love happiness and sought after dreams that can come true when you are with the right person Which choice will she make This is an odd one It s written like it s right out of the fiftiesbosom and cell phones just weirdCouldn t get into it Did not finish

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    Second Chancesby Deborah McClatcheyA stimulating story of love and romance in the life of Joyce Westfield and the decisions she makes through the journey of lifeWell worth a read a romantic 5

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    We’ve all heard the saying “You can forgive but you can never forget” That’s how it goes when someone bre

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    My first book by Deborah McClaychey this was an emotional and hopeful read I like the author's writing style and how she realistically portrayed the struggles of Joyce I loved Kevin through and through and hurt for him every time Joyce was on the fence This a must read empowering hopeful and makes one think Joyce thought she has everything

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    Very much enjoyed this book fan of the author and read everything she writes

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    The decision Joyce had to make concerning her marriage to the man she was in love with is both demoralizing and gut wrenching She wasn’t cert

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    This is an odd one It's written like it's right out of the fiftiesbosom and cell phones just weirdCouldn't get into it Did not finish

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    Just ok Got a little silly throughout as she kept going back but you knew she did not love him Boring in places