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China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world and importantly the only ancient civilization in human history without any interruption This book outlines the uniue historical trajectory of Chinese civilization covering a period that starts with the early Paleolithic Period about 2 million years ago and extends all the way to 2008 when China successfully hosted the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing It sums up the characteristics of Chinese civilization and attempts to uncover the secrets behind the continuity and vitality of this densely populated ancient civilizati.


Chinas History Sinopedia Series

On despite thousand years of vicissitudesFeaturesOne of the 12 beautifully illustrated handy books about ChinaOffers basic important and updated information about China’s historyFor your information FYI boxes providing readers with interesting factual information on certain topics which encourages them to explore the topics furtherContents1 The Origin of Chinese Culture2 The Xia Shang and Western Zhou Dynasties Early States and BronzeCivilization3 The Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods States Contend for Power Control and Social Reform4 The in and Han Dyna.

SUMMARY Chinas History Sinopedia Series

Sties Establishment and Development of a GreatUnified Country5 The Wei Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties Regime Division andEthnic Concentration6 The Sui and Tang Dynasties A Prosperous and Open Age7 The Song and Yuan Dynasties Cultural Collision and Fusion and SocioeconomicAdvances8 The Ming and ing Dynasties before the Opium War Prosperity of theFarming Civilization and Crisis before Modern Times9 The Decline and Struggle of Modern China10 The People’s Republic of China In Search of Socialist ModernizationAppendix Chronological Table of the Chinese Dynasties.

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