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Criminal underworld American democracy Boston politics personal redemption and New England life in the tradition of Hawthorne and Thoreau This intimate biography explores his turbulent life and career including his working class Irish Catholic roots his two stormy marriages his ambivalence.

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Toward the city of his birth his passion for the limelight and his drinking which disrupted his family life and led to his early death at age 59 Discussions of Higgins's individual works and excerpts from his correspondence writings and thoughts on literature complete this revealing portra.

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Best known for his popular crime fiction Boston novelist George V Higgins 1939 1999 should stand among the top ranks of the American literary canon In his 26 novels and dozens of short stories Higgins chronicled the lives of Boston's Irish with his trademark hard boiled dialog exploring the.

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    A serviceable biography that admirably if not convincingly tries to argue for Higgins' long deprived place at the table of great American fiction writers of the post WWII era It is well researched and Ford had a decades long relationship wit

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    I'm a second cousin of George so I'm familiar with many of the characters in the book especially his mother Doris and father John Author Ford does an admirable job describing Doris' sturdy driven MO and Johns affable chain smoking persona Ford stumbles somewhat when describing Higgins family family tree but in the long run this doesn't distract from the biographyGeorge had immense talent and he worked hard to achieve su

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