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At her boss's beck and call Recovering from a terrible car accident world renowned playboy Luis Martinez is bored grumpy and frustrated He's sick of nurses fussing over him so he fires the lot and d. This was basically a cookie cutter book It s a 100% bog standard run of the mill plot with absolutely no surprises and no juicy plot lines to make things exciting Just by reading the dust jacket you can absolutely predict everything that ll happen In a word the book is boring There s nothing wrong with the writing style and the characters aren t too annoying but there s just no meat to it Even the Black Moment and the reconciliation were a snore And nobody got any comeuppance for their bad behavior at the end either On the whole I can t recommend this one as anything other than a completely mindless veg out readview spoilerThe story opens with Carly working as Luis s housekeeper She s been working for him some undefined amount of time but it s long enough for her to have become well acuainted with Luis s manwhore ways We get a fun little montage of memories from Carly at the beginning where she recounts how many times she s stumbled across naked supermodels in the house who were lying in wait for Luis And then there were all the times she s found abandoned lingerie in the pool or on top of the flagpole So yeah right from the start we ve got no illusions about Luis s character up to this point in his life He hasn t been one of those alpha heroes who gets chased by lots of women but only has discreet affairs with a select few of them Nope Luis has been happily partaking of the wham baam thank you whatever your name is lifestyle For YEARS Luis actually says that women are as meaningless and interchangeable to him as the tires he used to get through during his racing days Damn That s a dyed in the wool manwhore right thereLuis is technically retired from racing but he recently participated in a charity race during which he wrecked his car resulting in a shattered pelvis The race took place in England which is why he s been stuck at his English manor house for weeks while he convalesces Ordinarily he prefers much exotic climates And since that is the case he and Carly have rarely crossed paths the whole time she s been working for him Now however they ve been in forced proximity for several weeks and it s about to get worseYou see Luis is so ungodly handsome apparently that he effortlessly and completely unconsciously casts a spell on every woman who enters his stratosphere so that they all inevitably fall in love with him even when he s being incredibly arrogant demanding and down right rude The latest victim of this magical effect is Luis s physical therapist A no nonsense ultra practical stiff upper lip British woman who is appalled by her own lack of professionalism at allowing herself to fall for her client Luis has noticed her increasingly omnipresent blushes when she s around him and knows that yet another empty headed female has succumbed to his irresistible charms and he thinks less of her for it He too despises her lack of professionalism and he fires herThen he decides that Carly his housekeeper remember will now take over as his physical therapist Giving him thrice daily massages helping him through his exercises and swimming with him in the pool He insists it must be her No one else will do He s fed up with hormone addled bimbos who can t stop throwing themselves at him and since he s known Carly for a long time and she s proven resistant to his charms she s the best option He couldn t possibly you know hire a MALE physical therapist instead Nope it s Carly or bust Never mind that she s got no knowledge whatsoever about PT and DOES have a real full time job of keeping his house in order Nope none of that matters Both he and his recently fired female PT insist that it isn t difficult to do the PT s job and that the she can show Carly what to do in just a matter of minutes And that smell you re noticing is all the bullshit lying around and getting trodden on by this ridiculous plot My sister is a PT and my sister in law is a massage therapist and both of them had to go through extensive training to do their jobs because you can absolutely injure someone if you don t know what the heck you re doing And considering that Carly s dream is to be a doctor and she spends all her time studying for her prep courses you d think that she of all people would refuse to perform these tasks without the proper training And it s absolutely hysterical that Luis tells Carly to just go ahead and hire a temporary housekeeper to do Carly s real job while she s busy helping him with his PT Yep it makes total sense to hire someone to fill a position that s already filled so that the original employee can move over to do a task they re not ualified for instead of just hiring a PT in the first place And I d like to add the housework is never ever mentioned again after this So we don t know if she hired someone off page or if she and Luis were just happily letting the dust bunnies take the place overBut anyway now that plot contrivance has gotten us on the path we spend a few weeks first in England and then in the South of France with Carly giving Luis massages all the time and feeling embarrassed to be in a swimsuit in front of him See Carly is a curvy girl and she s got low self esteem because of her backstory Her mother always wanted to be a model but couldn t make it So when she was blessed with a naturally beautiful daughter Carly s sister she put all her love and focus on giving that daughter everything she wanted and needed to become a star while ignoring and belittling Carly Also when Carly was 16 she went to a party where she was sexually assaulted but not full on raped by a drunk rich boy Carly s mother convinced her not to report the crime because it was Carly s word against the boy s and since his parents were rich no one would believe her story which honestly is probably EXACTLY what would have gone down So those two factors have led Carly to want to do everything in her power to keep attention as far away as possible She deliberately dresses in shapeless clothes doesn t wear makeup and just fades into the background everywhere she goesWe get a few of Luis and Carly s interactions described but not many really Not enough to establish any kind of bond between them There s a lot of focus on how Carly is feeling either embarrassed by her body or embarrassed by her body s response to Luis s proximity and hopes he hasn t noticed but nothing much in the way of conversation We don t get much of Luis s perspective but what little we do see doesn t really help the situation much In the beginning he found himself attracted to Carly and he was rather unflatteringly shocked at his own body s response He refers to her as Miss Mouse and other eually derogatory things while mentally comparing her to all the other women he s slept with in the past and finding her lackingEventually the passion that has been building bubbles over in the massage room and Luis is all set to have sex But then he says something insufferably arrogant and it yanks Carly back to reality She reflects that Luis is way out of her league and rightly assumes that his sudden interest is just a result of propinuity So she pushes him away He s completely thunderstruck that any woman could or would resist him and demands an explanation Carly blurts out that she s a virgin and that makes her a freak as if it s something shameful Then she runs up to her room Luis follows her and she confesses to her almost rape He insists that what she needs is not a trip to a therapist so she can work out her issues in a healthy way but rather a visit to Love Dr Luis s sexual healing rehab center She agrees to give it a shotThe next day Luis gives his staff the day off and prepares to seduce Carly the right way by starting with dinner But Carly has gotten cold feet and started fretting about whether to call the whole thing off She s in her room dithering when Luis comes to find her and basically just won t take no for an answer though it s not really a forced seduction Of course the sex is mind blowing and they get it on all nightLuis leaves her bed before dawn to slip back into his own room so the servants won t know that he s banging the helpbut then he slips right back into her room a few hours later before Carly can go down to breakfast because he s so hot for her again that he doesn t care what the servants will think if he s caught and tells Carly that she shouldn t eitherAfter this we fast forward through several weeks with just a paragraph stating that they ve been getting it on every night while supposedly having a nice time with each other during the day Too bad we never saw any of that relationship building time on the pageEventually he takes her out and gives her a Cinderella moment but it s late enough into their relationship that it doesn t feel tacky like it so often does in romance novels Luis actually was attracted to her the way she was And it didn t bother him at all to be seen in public with her despite her unflattering and unstylish clothes It s only when Carly complains about feeling self conscious because she doesn t fit in with all the gorgeous people in Luis s set that he decides to buy her the clothes Luis was refreshingly unsympathetic to Carly s self deprecating insecurities which I liked since I hate self deprecating heroines He told her straight up that he loved her body but that if she didn t then she should do something to change it not just sit around whining about it Too rightEventually Carly s sister sees a picture of Carly and Luis in a magazine and sends Carly an email demanding to know what s up Carly gives a generic response just saying that she s there in a professional capacity After weeks of allegedly being happy Carly knows that things will have to end soon She s thinking about it by the pool one day when Luis asks her what s up He too had been thinking it was about time to end their affair He had business to get to and he knew that the longer things dragged out the greater the chance that Carly would fall in love with him just like all the other women and he doesn t want that He indulges in a rather prolonged session of patting himself on the back as he reflects on what a great favor he s done Carly by sleeping with her That he d single handedly gotten her over her attempted rape and now she ll be able to go on to have a healthy relationship with some other man A fact that doesn t give him even the slightest twinge of jealousy or displeasure He then fully canonizes himself by deciding that he ll doing her another great favor by breaking things off with her before she develops feelings for him So when he addresses her uestions about what ll happen when they return to England he makes it plain that their affair is at an end Carly is heartbroken because of this but hides itThen Carly s sister turns up unannounced and really embarrasses herself by very obviously flirting with Luis Luis isn t tempted by the sister at all and neatly sends her packing when she starts fishing for a dinner invitation Carly walks her sister to the door and as soon as they re alone the sister makes disparaging remarks about Carly s new clothes and insultingly demands to know if she s been dumb enough to sleep with Luis She tells Carly that she s a fool to let Luis pump and dump her just because he s bored which is obviously all it would ever be to him with a girl like Carly Carly used to a lifetime of being belittled by her mother and sister and fresh from having Luis essentially break up with her doesn t stand up for herself at all Then she goes back to Luis and asks him if he was attracted to her sister He gets really offended by her implication that he d turn around and bang her sister after becoming Carly s lover Even though he d given a very long and impassioned declaration about how men are physically incapable of being faithful to one woman and that he s got no ualms about sleeping with any and every willing female who at least possesses opposable thumbs You see Luis s tragic backstory is that his father cheated on his mother with her best friend This led to Luis s mother letting herself waste away in her grief and cause the OW s husband to commit suicide So since his father a man who had been married to his wife for over twenty years and claimed during that time that she was his soulmate could cheat every man must necessarily be a cheaterLuis in his outrage at Carly s accusation which she didn t actually make he essentially put the words in her mouth comes down on her like a ton of bricks Saying that she s a coward for not standing up for herself and not being brave enough to get out into society That she liked to think of herself as unattractive and of him as a manwhore because it was easier to go back to being unnoticed I didn t totally agree with his speech but he wasn t totally wrong eitherCarly is hurt by what he says but strikes back by calling Luis a coward too That he was hurt by his parents fiasco and didn t want to risk feeling any hurt again so he adopted the no love mantra for his life to avoid that possibility He basically tells her that she s got a long way to go before she could become a doctor of psychiatry because her conclusions are all bunk Then there s kind of a weird shift in the tone of the discussionfight when he offers to pay her the last bit of money she needs in order to start medical school immediately He then tells her not to bother refusing out of some misguided attempt at pride because he could well afford the money and it wouldn t gain her anything to refuse itCarly agrees to take the money and decides to give him a gift in return And that gift is to declare her love This in her mind is an altruistic thing because she wants him to know that he s loveable not because of his looks or his money but because of who he is on the inside whoever that is since we didn t get to see it in this book He pretty brutally spits on her declaration and she runs off so he won t see her cryNext chapter picks up several months later Luis is bored and restless but can t understand why He basically sits there wondering about his bad case of ennui for several minutes until it finally occurs to him that he misses Carly He then says that he knows what he wants but it s a big ask Then he races off to Carly s medical school He ambushes her in front of some new friends she s made and asks her for a word When alone he declares his love and Carly tells him to get lost He persists for a while with her throwing up roadblocks and him battering them down until she finally admits that she still loves himThe epilogue picks up 6 years later with Carly having just graduated medical school We get a recap of how they made their relationship work despite them being in very different social positions and Luis having financial investments all over the world while she had to stay in England They ve gotten married and we get a short description of how jealous Carly s sister was and how astounded her mother was at Carly s luck at landing a rich man Neither of them cared a bit that Carly had put herself through med schoolAnd that s the end of the book Carly s mother sister and attempted rapist get no comeuppance at all for their poor treatment of her which I thought was a missed opportunity The sister at least could have become a 3 dimensional character It wouldn t be hard to give her a few lines explaining that she too had been made to feel inferior her whole life because of their mother s obsession That she d had it drilled into her mind her whole life that her only worth lay in her looks That Carly was the smart one and that she herself shouldn t even bother trying to learn something But no that s too deep for this book The sister s just a shallow self involved twerpWe also never find out what happened to Luis s father and his lover which is irritating Did they live HEA together Or did their role in the deaths of her husband and his wife poison their relationship Lame hide spoiler

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The Housekeeper's Awakening

Ension between them grows When Luis whisks her away to his villa in the south of France how long will she be able to deny the temptation he posesespecially when he makes a second shocking propositio. I expected it to be a cute harleuin insta love funny and sexy book But this was notSure the synopsis says its harleuin but the bad writing says something elseCarly connor is a poor girl she works for Luis who is a billionaire retired race car driver She works in one of his hug mansions that he rarely visits But after the injury to his leg that leaves him needing bed rest and physio he chooses the same mansion that carly works in spend his timeCarly plans on becomes a doctor once she has enough money to pay for the tuition So since Luis is irresistible all the ladies mainly the physiotherapists fall in love and fall out of clothes often So luis fires them all and appoints carly to give him his massagesAs any book they are attracted to each other And carly is a virgin So I liked the intimacy between each other One day when carly is giving him a massage one thing leads to another and carly gets scared and runs away So luis comes back to her room after a long time coz he cannot wall so well and learns that carly is a virgin and has issues with her body They make a pact that they would have a physical relationship and no talks of love So as all the books carly falls in love and luis laughs it off So carly leaves himluis gives her the money to start her education which she takes and leaves Towards the end he comes back to her to her uni and professes his love for her Finally she does completes her medical degree and they marry The endNow what I didn t like about this book was luis being a dick most of the time Him telling carly to lose weight and pretty much saying she isn t good enough And carly just let s him use her as he seems fit and humiliate her when he wants to Not cool

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Emands his sweet innocent housekeeper massage him back to health Carly Conner has spent her life trying not to be noticed But now with her boss looking at her differently every day the tantalizing t. This reminded me of the Pygmalion story A playboy hero decides that he can take his plain jane innocent housekeeper and make her a sexy desirable confident woman Very entertaining great alpha male character sweet and vulnerable ambitious doctor heroine I loved that both hero and heroine are struggling in a very real character arcgrowth They both have issues but they face their demons and find the inner strength to overcome their dark past I would have given it 5 stars but an epilogue with no babies is a big no for me

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    SOMEONE PASS ME SOME BREAD ON A STICK IT'S CHEESE FONDUE TIMEThis is everything I have been searching for in my Mills Boon adventures and Cheese Fluff Drama Character growth ACTUAL ROMANCE BETWEEN THE MAIN CHARACTERS This was wonderful Luis is a grumpy arrogant playboy race car driver He is recovering from an accident and has to keep firing

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    Unpopular rating and review But I liked it Predictable and safe and not very long I loved both the h and H Both were extremely modern and gave each other space Carly is a sensible housekeeper biding her time until she has money to enrol into

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    This was basically a cookie cutter book It's a 100% bog standard run of the mill plot with absolutely no surprises and no juicy plot lines to make things exciting Just by reading the dust jacket you can absolutely predict e

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    3 stars Rather a bland read with the heroine very self conscious of her body image Glad she refused to marry him until she was almost finished with med school

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    This reminded me of the Pygmalion story A playboy hero decides that he can take his plain jane innocent housekeeper and make her a sexy desirable confident woman Very entertaining great alpha male character sweet and vulnerable ambit

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    Kendrick has an easy writing style with better than average characterisation The hero was typically flawed your average commitment phobic playboy but I like that he didn't pander to the heroine's insecurities 'If you don’t like your appearance then change it but don’t keep doing nothing and then complaining

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    A promising romance The plot is almost the same with another HP long time ago well don't they all? Anyway the hero's feeling was unbelievable I

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    Luis Martinez is an adrenaline loving playboy who is recovering from a race car accident that broke his pelvis His skill with the women is evidenced by the fact that his physical therapist has just fallen in love with him and he's had to fire her So he brings in his plain staid mousy little housekeeper Carly Conner to oversee his recovery She's worked for him for years and managed to hide her attraction to him

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    I expected it to be a cute harleuin insta love funny and sexy book But this was notSure the synopsis says its harl

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    great story and great characters

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