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  • Paperback
  • 448
  • A Changed Man
  • Francine Prose
  • English
  • 26 April 2017
  • 9780060560034

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    My problem with this book is not exactly that it's essentially a hokey Lifetime movie aka a corny cheeseball romantic pseudo drama so much as the subject matter was toned down to a largely PG incarnation Granted movies like

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    Prose has sensitive ear for free indirect discourse and for dialogue Her language uickly had me engaged Her characters are complex each highly individual but also believable– Vincent Nolan Meyer Maslow Bonnie Kalen her sons I was at first impressed by their emerging complexity than by any significant change they were each undergoing at least until the second half of the novel Each had ghosts and was full of neuroses It was in

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    Summary A Neo Nazi named Vincent Nolan wants to turn around and save guys like him from becoming guys like him by helping World Brotherhood W

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    I really wish there was another alternative rating system on GR such as Positive Negative and Neutral This book would receive neutr

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    In A Changed Man Prose succeeds in doing what every writer hopes in how she takes you into a foreign place and gives you a glimpse of life from another viewpoint Her book is at once both optimistic and pessimistic she shows a neo nazi who seems to change for the better and a world known Holocaust survivor who has made a tidy living off of

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    Such a bummerRiding a high after Francine Prose's Reading Like a Writer I picked up this book which I had been seeing on independent booksellers' tables for a while I had hoped to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed her book on readingwriting because I thought she offered really keen insights on the subjectHowever I was pretty disappointed by th

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    I've read two other books by Francine Prose Blue Angel and The Peaceable Kingdom This was pretty different Reminded me a lot of Nick Hornby's How to Be Good but not as funny The story is basically that an uninspired Neo Nazi

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    I kind of feel the same way about this book as I did about the other Francine Prose novels I have read Sharp writing lots of funnypoignant moments fully realized idiosyncratic characters but I wasn't totally into it for reasons I can't uite put my finger on I'm relearning the art of reading on public transportation and thi

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    A Changed Man begins with an ex white supremacist walking into a human rights organization’s office to offer his services he wants to “help guys like me from becoming guys like me” The subject matter allows Prose to flex her satire musc

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    Thinking about this book having finished reading it kept me awake last night Is that good or bad I wonder?Vincent is the ‘changed ma

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A Changed Man

A human rights foundation headed by Meyer Maslow a charismatic Holocaust survivor Vincent announces that he wants to make a radical change But what is Maslow to make of this rough looking stranger with Waffen SS tattoos who says that his mission is to save guys like him from becoming guys like himAs Vincent gradually turns into the. Such a bummerRiding a high after Francine Prose s Reading Like a Writer I picked up this book which I had been seeing on independent booksellers tables for a while I had hoped to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed her book on readingwriting because I thought she offered really keen insights on the subjectHowever I was pretty disappointed by this book It wasn t that it was a bad book or poorly written But it was long and sprawling and just felt a little careless to me I like writers who seem to think a lot about their prose whose every sentence or line of dialogue seems well thought out And this book just wasn t like that Even though it probably wasn t it seemed like it had been written uickly And I tried to find in this book the elements she talks about in Reading Like a Writer eg well crafted dialogue but I couldn t really The book felt a bit like some of the other casual sprawling novels I ve read recently Kate Atkinson s One Good Turn and and Ayelet Waldman s Love and Other Impossible Pursuits They weren t taut or exuisitely written but they were entertaining A Changed Man just wasn t entertaining me enough to justify the 20 page a night pace I was sustainingMoving on

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“Francine Prose has a knack for getting to the heart of human nature We are allowed to enter the moral dilemmas of fascinating characters whose emotional lives are strung out by the same human frailties secrets and insecurities we all share” USA TodayOne spring afternoon Vincent Nolan a young neo Nazi walks into the office of. Summary A Neo Nazi named Vincent Nolan wants to turn around and save guys like him from becoming guys like him by helping World Brotherhood Watch raise money and awareness At the helm of WBW is holocaust survivor and well known author Meyer Maslow who befriends Vincent In the process Vincent bunks up with a single mom Bonnie and her two boys Danny and Max This is his hideout since his former buddies from ARM Aryan Resistance Movement are after him because they want revenge In a nutshell I don t recommend it If you can imagine a cheesy gooey unsatisfying ending to this story it will be far worse than what you can think up The change they blab on and on about in this book is neither dramatic interesting or at all moving And all the stuff before the end is pretty anti climactic I wish boredom was the worst thing about this book The most action in the first 200 pages of the book is an allergic reaction to a walnut I shit you not I couldn t make this up The big huge struggle this former Nazi has while trying to assimilate to the real world is trying to avoid all the stuff that he s allergic to These threatening ARM guys they mentioned Vincent worrying about constantly didn t show up till 34 of the way through the book and even then it was only one ARM guy and Vincent just beats the crap out of him Then he hides out for a while his tail between his legs and a few days later emerges triumphantly to save the day and deliver the graduation speech at Danny s high school s graduation Because he s a really great role model beating guys within an inch of their lives and all Which by the way is the deal Bonnie and Vincent make to get Danny out of trouble with the assistant principal when he writes a paper about Hitler that the school s administration worries could be slightly homophobic During the speech Bonnie and Vincent realize they love each other and look forward to a new life HooeyFinally the most annoying thing about this book was that every single character spends a lot of time thinking about what other people are probably thinking about them It s absurd It would be okay for the first couple of chapters maybe while Meyer Maslow Bonnie her two kids and the Nazi were all trying to size each other up but you know by page 100 or so it gets a little old

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Sort of person who might actually be able to do that he also begins to transform everyone around him including Maslow himself Masterfully plotted darkly comic A Changed Man poses essential uestions about human nature morality and the capacity for change illuminating the everyday transactions both political and personal in our live. A Changed Man begins with an ex white supremacist walking into a human rights organization s office to offer his services he wants to help guys like me from becoming guys like me The subject matter allows Prose to flex her satire muscles which by this point are uite developed In this case the focal point of her attack is a human rights organization I don t know how she s going to one up herself after this one Ten years ago in Hunters and Gatherers she targeted goddess worshipping new agey ladies Five years ago in Blue Angel she chose a riskier subject sexual harassment and pc language limitations on the college campus likely to remain a touchy subject for years to come And now she s picked a human rights organization can a cow get much sacredProse allows four main characters to narrate Vincent the ex neo nazi Meyer Maslow the wealthy leader of the World Brotherhood Watch and a holocaust survivor Bonnie the organization s Jewish fund raiser who takes Vincent into her home and Danny Bonnie s 16 year old son The juxtaposition of Meyer and Vincent is excellent The competitive yet respectful nature of their relationship is unveiled at their first meeting Both men roll up their sleeves to reveal their tattoos Meyer s serial number given to him by Nazis and Vincent s Waffen SS bolts Hitler s elite guard s symbol Meyer s written several inspirational books which influenced Vincent s departure from the white supremacist lifestyle or so he claims the most recent of which is lagging in sales Meyer knows Vincent s presence within the organization could bring much needed funds to the World Brotherhood Watch and guiltily thinks that it could also help his book sales Meyer s a charismatic leader who can get people to do whatever he wants Danny thinks his mother s been brainwashed by him he s actually convinced her to let the former neo nazi live with them until they can find him an apartment Bonnie is so obsessed with being a good person that she submits to Meyer s demands Soon we discover that Vincent has a certain charm that Meyer hates to admit he envies As Vincent sells his changed man story like a brand the press wealthy donors and even Meyer s wife eat it up Meyer s jealousy grows followed by guilt One of my favorite Vincent Meyer moments is when Meyer steals one of Vincent s ideas to use in one of his trademark inspirational speeches The two men form just one of the many interesting dyads in the bookAs we re getting into the characters we re treated to some biting satire What I like so much about this book is that the characters are so interesting and real and their stories so engaging that you forget the primary purpose of the book is satire I think it s fulfilling and less didactic than straight up satires that don t concentrate on character development or pace I do want to share two examples though The first one is when Vincent is giving a speech at a fund raising dinner When he tells the audience about how he was taught to hate the crowd gasps hate has become a four letter word Prose understands how ideology affects language My mom used to send me to my room if I used the word hate Vincent goes on to tell a simple story that s meant to symbolize his complicated conversion He and his cousin had gone to a Korean man s greenhouse intending to hurt the man Vincent remembers aloud that they referred to him as a Korean mother and decides not to use the word in such company He realizes that the audience is disappointed so he says it Korean motherfucker The crowd loves it it s so transgressive and thrilling The other example I d like to mention is when Danny gets in trouble at school for a paper he wrote on Hitler This harkens back to Blue Angel s attack on the academic gutting of free speech After talking with Vincent Danny writes a paper that suggests Hitler s suppressed homosexuality may have informed his evil He is promptly booted from school Just putting homosexuality and evil in the same sentence is grounds for hanging I love that she manages to make her points within a solid storyFrom the very beginning we know Vincent s white power friends could find him at any moment This point of tension propels the book and I ate it up like a bulimic at a buffet I think I just puked all over the keyboard I ll wrap it by simply suggesting you read it

About the Author: Francine Prose

Francine Prose is the author of twenty works of fiction Her novel A Changed Man won the Dayton Literary Peace Prize and Blue Angel was a finalist for the National Book Award Her most recent works of nonfiction include the highly acclaimed Anne Frank The Book The Life The Afterlife and the New York Times bestseller Reading Like a Writer The recipient of numerous grants and honors including