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“Michael I have been given the gift of time travel”“That’s nice I only get given socks” Professor Jason Fielding has finally built the time machine he hopes will enable him to prevent the murder of his parents thirty years earlier but the prototype has some interesting uirks While escaping the clutches of sinister new Prime.

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The Karpathian Paradox

By his killer instinct Has Fielding created a paradox making Karpathian responsible for the original murders and why does Brother Dougal’s ascendancy spell doom for the entire world Chasing the Tiger’s Tail is an adventure suitable for everyone who has ever thought I wish I could go back and change thatBe careful what you wish fo.

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Minister Brother Dougal government secret agent Michael Karpathian is unwittingly drawn into the device and propelled back to the day before the murders where the machine's idiosyncrasies become apparent several versions of him appear each dominated by a different part of his personality Is one of the instances of Karpathian driven.

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    Time travel with a twist a cleverly written thrillerThis is a real action adventure time travel thriller with a dose of B movie style horror thrown in for good effectDetermined to investigate and possibly prevent his parents' deaths 30 years