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Selves deliberatelyOr to see how do not hurtHow you are heroesPLANETS BIRDSAs long as Will be sunk the thorns in us So much beautifully we sing With an unprecedented PassionAlea aleo alea aleo Only then you will understandHow we are from flesh and bloodHow we have soul and feelASIUS TRAVELLER OF LIGHT ALIEN Companions of big timeDo you know in who city we arrivedI do not see nothingASTAROTH ALIEN 11They saw us and hidThey must be scaredARCTUROS ALIENWe are very far from homeWhat folly we madeWe do not sit in our houseODYSSEUS E you strangers E you travelersThey look like aliensFrom where you came Wow Wow What clothes you wearThey look totally exotic figuresASIUSWe are travelers of light chronic of time We came to your cityTo see what becomes closelyThe walls are impermeableIt is made of light and airHow you build itODYSSEUS The secrets are inviolableWe do not disclose to anyoneOnly insanes would do something likeTalking openly to a stranger12ELPINORASI am not to tell you nothing Even if you hang me upside down And put me tickled thousand antsScorpions lizards and other bugsI tremble entire and just thinking about itPLANETS BIRDSMartyrdom of donkey you need to talkYou will all testify all You will tell also a songGkaaa GkaaaaIt then bray continuity OORT ALIENThe altars are full of carcassesWhat you make eat themYou fall on your heavy curseAnd no one can save youARCTUROS ALIENWhere is the army the navyWe want to know what happensODYSSEUS We are the country of PeaceWe are the country of Planetary Peace13There is absolute respect for othersOld men old women men women childrenPeople regardless of color and originOh I said and I calmedLeft a weight off meASIUSWho ReignsWho Files in this countryWe need to talk with himALL TOGETHERΑll together we exercise powerAll together we exercise powerDANCEWe are shared the Power And with polls we exercise our dutiesWE ARE EUAL SAME EVEN IF DIFFERENTODYSSEUS No one does not have royal sceptre I am king At Name I am gentleman of my Self Never had NationalsDespite only companionsELPINORAS14Only fools and stupids are subjugated In Tyrants and othersHere govern people were birdsThe birds were GodsAnd then travelers of openingASIUSWe carry the Galactic PeaceThe great Democracy of Big TimeAlea aleoELPINORASI be believed itIt storyteller telling great storiesSurpassed also resourceful OdysseusASIUS TRAVELLER OF BIG TIME We chronicle of time and PeacemakersWhere there is war we stopEnough is enough enough mourned so much victims So carnage dead on the battlefieldIt's time to get over itThe movement of peaceOnly then we will be free peopleWe come from the double spiral of Big TimeWhere all are open truth and freedomThrough the wormhole the mythical tunnelWhere are endless15LEADING BIRDS FANTASTIC BIRD Listen listen The world of birds The world of creatures of UniverseDelivers the Power to divine Odysseus Alea aleo The most beautiful woman of World It's yours She wears the dress of big time The white dress of the Uncreated Light The dress of After Power goes glove To the Man of Eternal Return ALL TOGETHER This is the Democracy of Big Time This is the History 16 NIKOS KOLESIS.

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Tetralogy Battle Frogs Wild Comedy Planetary Bird Opera

SYNOPSIS NIKOS KOLESIS TETRALOGY BATTLE FROGS WILD COMEDY PLANETARY BIRD OPERA GARGALONIA DESCENT INTO HADES BATTLE FROGS PLANETARY BIRD OTHER LYSISTRATA THEATRE OPERA NOVEL 1 Also I wrote the comic novel BATTLE FROGS PLANETARY BIRD OPERAODYSSEUS ELPINORA AND OTHERSELPINORASThe souls of the dead are countless flocksArmies constitutions come from the abyssThey came from the underworld along with me and resourceful OdysseusThey want to live the life over againThat broke the bonds of deathThe Eternal Return of opening revealsthe dimensions of the big timeODYSSEUS Mortal immortalWe travel through the wormhole of Big TimeMaking passes posthumouslyNobody exceeded the cycles of birth and death2The world collapsesWe must invent Other City a Other Life Divine Odysseus gave advice to tickle Elpinora how behavedwhat he makes and does not start running behind womenHe reacted by saying that it is worseAnd he had countless mistressesIf I open the mouth and speak for your wivesDoes not save you anything will become loss Discussing arrived in a country Unknown LargeUnexplored and uncreatedHeard only the rustle of leaves the trumpetsAnd the gallop of horsesODYSSEUS Until we find the Ideal City We have time the birds show the wayUntil we find DaedalusHe is the man who became Dragon birdTransformed into a dragon with wingsAnd then takes the form of Anthropomorphic DragonA dance of wild arpies prehistoric historicAnd migratory birds made noise spoiling the world The eagles vultures crows other birdsAnd the servant of the Dragon with wings appearedJaunty jaunty shaking their tailsSERVANT DRAGON WITH WINGS ΜΟNOLOGUE3Very funny they became ridiculous bozosSpending for smart while being sillyELPINORAS EXOTIC BIRDI live some of the transformations of an alien Now I am an exotic bird deep in good spiritsI look changed but it does not matterI will return to my normal levelsSo do not be surprised if you see change formPersons to become someone elseSERVANT DRAGON What kind of man he isFrom where keeps his generation This is also number crazyAnd thinks he is something elseFrom where came fromODYSSEUS – EAGLEI am from the Democracy of Big TimeA meta chronic of timeThat became egle air grindingTralala tralalo We are not well we have no mindWe bring planetary Peace Tralala tralalo SERVANT DRAGON 4What storytellers are these my godIt will have great funThey exceeded also Aesop The greatest storyteller of all timeI am the servant of the DragonFor this watch your wordsIt's uirky spoiled crazy teaser insane little stupidOyf I said that and datofed Gioypi – gioypi giaODYSSEUS For it cried this strange type We want to know himWhat kind of thing is does not doing anythingDoes not knows nothingYet everyone obeys and is terrifiedDRAGON BIRD DRAGON WITH WINGS ANTHROPOMORPHIC DRAGON Who shout so loudAnd woke up me the foolsThey think they are in the arenaIf I be angry will get them and lift upNot saves nor Zeus on OlympusODYSSEUS Wow Wow he is enormous Can not move from weight5Look ElpinoraThe Dragon bird transformed into winged dragonAnd then becomes AnthropomorphicIt sucks everything at once all over the worldWhen blowing the fiery.

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Flame out of his mouthScans cities and villagesMakes demonstration of force to scareHe did not understand but in what has to be doneDRAGON BIRD DRAGON WITH WINGS ANTHROPOMORPHIC DRAGON Who is this windbagMake the man the smartAnd he wants to clash with meELPINORASWhat do you think wild dragonHow to scare usNeither you understand who you're putODYSSEUS Shut up fool do not to provoke himIt will be angry and will crush us in timber ELPINORASOh Resume excusesYou make back and you put me to cleanIf it is possible6DRAGON BIRD DRAGON WITH WINGS ANTHROPOMORPHIC DRAGON What do you want stupid idiotYou came to get my kingdomAnd present yourself so much provocative ODYSSEUS My dragonWe are passingAccidentally we came here at error Soon we will sit down and leave DRAGON BIRD DRAGON WITH WINGS ANTHROPOMORPHIC DRAGON Ha ha ha ho ho hoThe fearless king of IthacaThe resourceful king of Eternal ReturnHe came to tell us what to mekeHow to govern the countryELPINORASDo not mock because you will find darkIt will win youAnd others brag and bragBut then they lowered his tail between in legsTralala tralalo 7PLANETARY BIRDEX MACHINE GODULYSSESHe is huge it emits light blindingI feel something like a magnetTo pulls me close to himHe has a great eyeThey see through the vast spaceWith fingerlike legs and antennae easily dominatesThe surrounding imposing what he wantsHis big nose shows how lyingAs long as it speaks so much this growsIt causes fear and admirationAnd has the knowledge and information for allPLANETS BIRDSWe hide from you very wellDo not see and fearAnd get up to leaveGrrr NtoingkZoingk ZoingkODYSSEUS Polite bird grazy bird Tell us how you cameHow you passed the folds of Big TimeAnd security systemsIt appears you have supernatural powers8PLANETARY BIRD BIRD OF BIG TIMETravels through the wormhole openingof big time Depending on the time I liveTransformed into something other than I amSometimes I become rapidly birdSometimes angel of life and deathKingsovereign prince knight GeneralFearless warrior who imposes his PowerSometimes I go mad from joysAnd the Games of LoveBIRDS ALL TOGETHER What you want in the country of people were birdsWhat you want in the country Blessed PLANETARY BIRDTo collect the taxes of godsWhy else you think I did all the wayTraveling the vast expanses of universeBIRDS DANCEΤhey are very greedy and ungratefulThey will not leave us anythingWill take from us allWho are the GodsPLANETARY BIRD9The following ONEFull allegiance to the godsWithout any objection without limitsODYSSEUS Bird of Big TimeBird infatuated hearing wellThese I will tell youHas no mindIf you think we will fearNow stands as when you thinkWe will anechtoueme your stubbornnessWE ARE THE LEGENDARY HEROES OF NOTAND NOWHERETHE ALL AND THE WHOLEThe latest free the last freeThe People govern the city with openand fair electionsASIUS TRAVELLER OF LIGHT RAPSODOSAsius the traveler of light was with OortAstaroth Arcturus and other aliensThere appeared Although situated amid the global birdFor many reasons left unseen10 PLANETS BIRDSTo over those shrubs with thornsLet sit to singSong mournful and sadDANCEWhy are masochistsPunish your.