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10 thoughts on “Because of You Because of You #1

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    Once again I find myself in the unenviable position of being one of the only reviewers of this book who didn't like it I'm confused b

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    I have one word and it is WOW My full review of this book will come when my words are backYou can see my full review and interview with Sam Mariano on my blog All The Bookish Love Disclaimer I received a copy of this book straight from the author in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my ownBecause of You kept

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    When you finish a book and you’re left feeling utterly wrecked you know that the author has truly put their heart and soul into their work This love story struck a chord within me it touched me and restored my f

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    I liked this one full review when I finish the next in the series

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    Okay I finished this one in record time I couldn't seem to put it downLet me first say I really loved this story The characters were very real not the generic fake stereotypical characters like you get in a lot of these books I really liked Nikki I could totally relate to her I lovedhated Derek depending on the chapter

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    Soooo Let's get the bad out of the way firstThe narrative just trundled on randomly for a good part of the book telling us a

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    I am going to be honest I am worried about all the people who rated this book highly some disgusting things treated as no big deal This review perfectly explains everything

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    Lord this was a hot mess From page 1 to the very end Honestly the ending was the best part If there wasn't a second book I would be 100% okay with it Girl get the HELL outta there That boy is NOT worth it The whole situation is completely ridi

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    I thought this one started out a little bit slow with the backstory but I also understood why the backstory was all told mostly at once too This story was Nikki's generation's story not her mother's and I have no problem with one slow chapter I really loved Nikki I don't usually like first person stories actually because it can be limiting but in this story I didn't feel like it was at all I liked that the cast of characters was limited

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    Oh my God this book made me cry So I won this book in a giveaway and I wasn't sure what to expect but I loved the cover and I dove right in I loved the story and the characters I can't think of any complaints Can't wait to

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Because of You Because of You #1

AVAILABLE ON When the only thing that’s remembered about your mother is how she died in a murder suicide killing the wife of her ex boyfriend you know life isn’t going to be a piece of cake for you Add to that a never present father with affection for his beer bottle than his daughter and a too hot for his own good surviving son of the victim of said “accident” and you have a problem or. Once again I find myself in the unenviable position of being one of the only reviewers of this book who didn t like it I m confused by the high rating but since there haven t been many ratings at all yet I m certain its overall score will take a nosedive once a few savvy readers give it a perusal and perhaps find the same problems I did Problem 1 was that my inner feminist was doing this pretty much through the entire book If you ve read the synopsis you know the premise homegirl s mom killed homeboy s mom in a jealousy fueled rage Now homegirl and homeboy are teenage enemies and homeboy just can t seem to leave homegirl alone Derek harasses Nicole both verbally and physically and no one ever seems to have a problem with this because hey her mom killed his mom Add to that the fact that Derek is popular and charismatic he can do no wrong everyone loves him etc And of course everyone hates Nicole because her mom was a psycho Right Right Through some bizarre twist of fate the two of them end up falling in lurve with each other Sounds like an interesting premise Because it is It is not however well executed SPOILERS AFTER THIS POINTI was immediately worried while reading the sample because as far as technicality goes this isn t very well written The pacing is disjointed the sentiments are cliched the overall wording is simplistic and some of the grammar could use some polish but I really wanted to see where this story went so I dove in When I got to the part where Derek takes Nicole s virginity when she s too drunk to remember what happenedand she s really not that bothered by itI was a bit livid Further Derek tapes the entire thing then uses said tape to blackmail Nicole into being his sex slave for however long he sees fit This is icky Right I know I can t be alone in that assessment But I made excuses for it I thought Well maybe he s just really emotionally screwed up and really he s liked her all this time Maybe he didn t tape it he s just desperate to be with her About halfway through I realized how wrong I was when Nicole sees the tape in all its pornographic glory Derek had a lot of drunk sex with Nicole and he taped every bit of itand Nicole pretty much blames herself because she got drunk It s not that I have a problem with the rape scene or with the fact that Derek is never punished for it in any waysadly both are fairly close to reality I do however have a big fucking problem with Nicole blowing the entire thing off She seems embarrassed by the whole thing than anything else and she never once cottons onto the fact that she was raped I don t care how you dress it up that was rape There are laws written against it because it s wrong Nicole isn t upset that Derek took advantage she isn t even upset that he taped it she just wishes he didn t have anything to hold over her head And she groans later because Derek got her consent on the tape She Was Drunk When someone is too impaired to give consent no consent was actually given Anyway after raping Nicole Derek s harassment gets worse He begins calling her a whore tipping her with dollar bills and just generally being far piggish and obnoxious than ever before And Nicole s reaction Ugh he s such a pigbut there s nothing I can do since he has that tape At least he s totes cute No homegirl he is not cute He s not sexy he s not enigmatic he s not tortured or confusing or deep He s a dick Well from there things go from bad to slightly better As Derek gets to know Nicole his attitude toward her shifts and before we know it he s destroyed the tape and the two of them are just smitten and cutesy But then there s trouble in paradise when Derek finds out his ex girlfriend Katie is pregnant To take the creep o meter up a notch or two this entire situation is a mirrored repeat of everything Derek s dad and Nicole s mom went through 18 years before Now we re in less believable territory So Derek and Nicole s relationship begins to completely fall apart as Derek in an attempt to do the right thing spends time with Katie than Nicole is comfortable with The entire second half of the book is like reading the dull seemingly never ending angst riddled whining of a teenage girl who s in love with a douchebag Of course the relationship falls apart and then Nicole finds her own strength as she and her dad light on outta town after she graduates I don t like getting personal in reviews and damn this book for forcing my hand but I m gonna do it When I was 17 I met the man who eventually became my husband and the father of my child When we got together his ex girlfriend was pregnant with his child I was able to deal with the drama and our relationship survived Do you know why Because my husband was and is a decent person He made sure the drama was worth it He didn t keep me out of the loop list me as an inconseuential priority lie to me or make me feel like I didn t matter Ever I put up with the stress because I loved him and he was worth it He made damn certain he was worth it I had a really hard time figuring out why Derek was even remotely close to being worth it When he first finds out about Katie s pregnancy he avoids Nicole completely He then repays all of her support and trust by lying to her evading her getting angry with her when she s just trying to helpI just can t I don t know why I was supposed to like these characters They weren t likable There was absolutely no reason for Derek and Nicole to break up None whatsoever Derek doesn t care about Katie but as soon as Nicole breaks up with him Derek and Katie get back together For the sake of the baby Yeah OK As if matters weren t bad enough I also discovered that Derek never had a secret love for Nicole before the rape No he really plied her with drinks and raped away her virginity then blackmailed her with the tape because he hated her How fucking romanticThe epilogue succeeded in making me even angrier by showing me a life for Nicole that was completely devoid of romantic entanglements She spent nearly twenty years alone because she knew she d never love anyone the way she loved Derek Way to go homegirl You re completely pathetic You have shite taste in men and you re an emotional fuckwit We re also faced with the disheartening fact that Mariano is furthering the myth that women have to choose a successful career or a family We apparently can t ever have both In the epilogue Nicole makes it clear to the reader that the only reason she was able to reach her level of success was by completely abandoning any hopes of a family I don t fault women who don t want to marry andor have children but Nicole regrets not doing so while in the same breath telling us it was the only way for her to do what she wanted with her career How so Why is it men can have it all but women can t I don t see men choosing career over family or vice versa This is not a good message I understand Mariano was attempting to portray a strong female lead who walked away from a toxic situation The problem is that strong female lead walked away for the wrong reasons She denied herself the pleasure of love and family because she unwisely wrapped herself around a guy who didn t deserve her then based her entire outlook on love on that one shitty experience The empowering message would be if she had overcome that obsession realized what real love was supposed to look like and went on to be happy despite what Derek put her through Sadly that didn t happen And then the reader is treated to the possibility of a NicoleDerek reunion Shoot me


At least Nicole Harmon certainly doesWhen the surviving son Derek Noble sees an unsavory opportunity for revenge in the form of a heated one night stand he decides to take it It is intended to be an unkind but relatively uneventful interlude but turns into the catalyst that unknowingly casts Derek and Nikki into the shadow of their parents’ sordid pastWhat begins as a hateful game of revenge s. Okay I finished this one in record time I couldn t seem to put it downLet me first say I really loved this story The characters were very real not the generic fake stereotypical characters like you get in a lot of these books I really liked Nikki I could totally relate to her I lovedhated Derek depending on the chapter Alex was surprisingly one of my favorite story dads ever because he wasn t too far to one side or the other the perfect parent or the screw up parent he was right in the middle I just finished it everything is fresh so I have a lot to say ApologiesWhere to begin Well I suppose it makes sense to begin at the beginning The prologue is a little lengthywordy and full of lots of very relevant to the story history about the main characters mother and the main male character s father I was eager to get into the actual story and felt almost bogged down I am SO GLAD that I kept reading though If you start this book and feel bored in the beginning KEEP GOING Once it gets going it doesn t drag like thatI got really swept up in this love story At first I didn t like Derek at all and even though I knew from the description that he would not be evil forever I found it hard to believe Honestly I guess it s a testament to how well the story is written that like Nikki I wasn t altogether sure when I stopped hating Derek and started loving him but it definitely happened somewhere along the line There were a couple of sex scenes like for real I didn t see it coming but then I was all like But I totally liked it Boy do these these two have some chemistryAnd not just physically I m not one to regularly cry when I read books but this one it definitely made me shed a couple of tears Masochistically I loved every second of it because I love when I connect withinvest in characters like that Also I was reading at night time so I didn t have to worry about mascara smears or anything Now I personally loved this story I was surprised by how much I loved it given that it s a debut novel and it was only 399 there are some real stinkers out there but this was a really good story and I m very glad to have read it It s unexpected and there were definitely a couple of surprises I was absolutely CONVINCED of how something was going to turn out without spoiling and then I was totally wrong That happened to me twice in the course of this book But I loved it Part of me really really wanted me to be right but when I had finished the whole book I was completely happy with everything I would like to see a seuel to this book Seuel or no seuel I will definitely be keeping an eye out for from this author

SUMMARY Because of You Because of You #1

Oon evolves into something they never expected and a love neither of them ever wanted With the fragments of Derek and Nikki’s parents and their own tumultuous past hanging over their heads the second generation of star crossed lovers begin a love story all of their own This edition has a different ending there is no longer an epilogueRecommended 18 for some sexual content and mature situations. Lord this was a hot mess From page 1 to the very end Honestly the ending was the best part If there wasn t a second book I would be 100% okay with it Girl get the HELL outta there That boy is NOT worth it The whole situation is completely ridiculous Get the hell out and never look back There was zero chemistry between Derek and Nikki It felt like nothing but useless trashy high school drama So bad Add in what happened between their parents and what the actual fuck There are so many gross and problematic themes in this book UghNo Just no Bye

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