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Urity providers both domestic and international Security is no longer if it ever was divided between what goes on inside one state and what occurs between states However our disciplinary tools for examining these security challenges remain resolutely focused on either the domesti.

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Reordering Security

C or the international This book makes one of the first attempts to examine security from both perspectives bringing together and into much needed conversation the fields of criminology and international relationsThis book was originally published as a special issue of Global Cri.

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Traditional security distinctions are being rapidly eroded Lines drawn between war and crime are blurring with fateful conseuences for divisions between militaries and police forces The assumption that security should be a publicly provided good has been challenged by private sec.

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    This book came out when I was finishing my undergrad studies and finally I could get my hands and eyes on it Although is a very short book it's excellent to complement other readings such as Chaos Theory in IR geopolitical networks and netwars It's a great start for future studies atuned to contemporary IR

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