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Re which is a fictionalized account of a struggling artist based on Amrita's lifeEdited and with an introduction by Yashodhara Dalmia with than 70 rare black and white and colour visuals this volume explores the genius of an influential avant garde artis.

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Amrita Sher Gil

Amrita Sher Gil 1913 1941 one of India's most eminent painters died at the age of 28 but left behind a rich legacy Commemorating her birth centenary this collection of essays maps her creativity and life ranging from the early writings by past masters to.

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Modern and contemporary critiues Along with contributions by Karl Khandalavala Charles Fabri and Giles Tillotson among others the book includes two essays by Amrita herself that recount her journey and her work and a novella by Charles Fabri set in Laho.

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