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Rst filthy installment of The Orc Series and includes rough monster sex The Orc Series BUNDLE BEST VALUE The Orc Series 3 Story Bundle Individual titles 1 Captured by the Orc 2 Enslaved by the Orc 3 Released by the Or.

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Captured by the Orc

Dumped by her boyfriend Kara heads to a forest party he's attending so she could win him back However her efforts are in vain when she sees a clear sign he's no longer interested in her Upset by this revelation Kara r.

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Uns off into the dark forest and gets lost When she sees the light of a fire nearby Kara thinks she's found help But what she discovers is an aggressive and horny monster ready for action Captured by the Orc is the fi.

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    Captured by the Orc is for people wholike monstersenjoy their monsters oversizeddon't mind an overwrought girl doing a boneheaded thing like running into the forest alone at nightlike when uptight girls shed their inhibitions and let a monster give it to themHey orcs just need a little love We all know what that's like right? So when a young nubile lady stumbles over his campfire what else should he do excep