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A woman who knows what she wantsShe has exacting standards and Theresa Jacobs will settle for nothing but the best So when tall and sexy Kyle Cameron struts into her tattoo parlor she knows she's found a m.

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Do Me Right Harleuin Blaze #180

An with all the right moves And the best part He's as allergic to commitment as she isBut just as their fling approaches sizzling something changes In all sorts of little ways Kyle shows her that he knows.

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The way to treat a woman Suddenly this fling is about than sex And the worst part She's responding So much for no strings attached It's not so clear now what Theresa wantsexcept on the sheets time with him.

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  1. says:

    I was really disappointed with this book I got it because I saw that the heroine was a tattoo artist and I have never read a romanc

  2. says:

    i liked it alot

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