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Occupying the house along with Kathleen Lady Trenear a beautiful young widow whose sharp wit and determination are a match for Devon's ownA clash of willsKathleen knows better than to trust a ruthless scoundrel like Devon But the fiery attraction between them is impossible to den. 45 starsI can t wait for Rhys and Helen s book


Cold Hearted Rake

A twist of fateDevon Ravenel London's most wickedly charming rake has just inherited an earldom But his powerful new rank in society comes with unwanted responsibilities and than a few surprises His estate is saddled with debt and the late earl's three innocent sisters are still. Lisa Kleypas is so important to me as a fan of historical romance She was the reason I got into the genre in the first place and it was most of her books that became the standard by which I judged others The latter of course changed once I broadened my horizons and got acuainted with the works of Amanda uick Elizabeth Hoyt and Monica McCarty but LK is still definitely a legend in her own right That was why I waited patiently for her comeback to historical romance And we re talking about years here man I was so freaking happy when I heard about Cold Hearted Rake that it was all I could do not to dance around the house with my hands in the air mimicking a lunatic on crackAnd this is the reason why my disappointment over this book cuts so deep I expected so much only to be sorely disappointed No I take that back The appropriate term would be devastated Like in my usual reviews I first make it clear that reviewing a book is a matter of opinions and preferences I m judging this one as with every book I judge according to a set of parameters which may or may not correspond with yours So if you can t tolerate criticisms about this novel feel free to ignore this review I don t want any fanatic commenting shit about my feelings about the storySo anyway I judge according to how well the story was written how the characters were developed and how likeable they are and how the plot was executed Cold Hearted Rake is without a doubt well written I could not find a fault in the prose it was exactly the way I remembered an LK novel should beHowever the story s downfall was caused by its characters especially the hero Devon and the poor execution of the plotFirst let s talk about the characterisation This is actually the main reason for this 1 star rating For one I cannot respect Devon as a man as a character and definitely not as the hero of this story I can t say that I hate him since he never did anything that crossed the line like say bodily harming the heroine or cheating on her but damn dislike is far too bland and tame a word to describe my feelings for this asshole And he was really just that a fucking assholeLook I know that LK s heroes are usually very human there are always big flaws in their personalities that are glaringly obvious to the readers on the get go And what s beautiful about it is seeing these guys come into terms with their humanity to become a better man someone worthy of the heroine s love The best example of that would probably be Derek Craven in Dreaming of You Or Sebastian in The Devil in Winter These guys are on the top of my list of favourite heroes They were crass uncouth and immoral But they changed for the better because of loveAnd that s what s wrong with Devon Like the usual LK hero he s characterised as having a rather unsavoury personality Well for one he s a Ravenel a family that is described as followsThey yielded to every temptation indulged in every sin and scorned every virtue with the result that they tended to die faster than they could reproduceNow there were only two leftSo they re a reckless immoral and bad tempered lot Nothing really new there for an LK fan I just brushed this off having full confidence that LK would somehow someway change Devon into a better manAnd so I read onAnd became increasingly concerned and later on incensed at the manWith effort Devon swallowed back his outrage Deliberately he stretched out his legs with relaxed indolence and glanced at his brother West are we uite certain that Cousin Theo perished in a fall he asked coolly It seems far likely that he froze to death in the marital bed West chuckled not above the enjoyment of a malicious uipTotthill and Fogg for their part kept their gazes downKathleen crossed the threshold and sent the door shuddering with a violent slam Brother West said with mock chiding that was beneath you Nothing s beneath me Devon replied stone faced You know that HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYTHING THAT IS SACRED WILL SOMEONE LEND ME A BAT TO BEAT THIS MOTHERFUCKERYou ll understand my outrage once you know that at this point in the story Kathleen the heroine and Devon had already established some kind of a rapport with each other albeit a shallow one They ve chatted in what seemed to me as a friendly manner and I definitely don t think that Kathleen deserved such an cruel insult Especially since Kathleen and Theo s marriage despite the imperfections was not a marriage of convenience they went through proper courtship and Kathleen liked the man Unfortunately Devon s bad temper and unsavoury personality is consistent in the story After Devon and Kathleen s spat Helen the sister of Kathleen s dead husband tried to appeal to him to send for her Our heroine went to a villager who was suffering from a fever and was expected to be caught up in the impending storm And you know how Devon reacted There was nothing in the world that Devon would love than the sight of Kathleen rain soaked and bedraggled He had to restrain himself from rubbing his hands together in villainous glee There s no need to send a footman he said casually I m certain that Lady Trenear will have the sense to stay at the tenant farm until the rain passes Yes but the downs will have turned to mud Better and better Kathleen wading through mud and clay Devon fought to keep his expression grave when inside all was joy and exploding Roman candles He went to the window No rain yet but dark clouds seeped through the sky like ink on wet parchment We ll wait a bit longer She could return momentarily WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READSERIOUSLY WHAT GROWN SELF RESPECTING MAN WOULD ACTUALLY THINK LIKE THAT ONLY A CRUEL ASSHOLE WOULD I LL TELL YOU AND THIS IS CONSIDERING HAVING A FEVER BACK THEN COULD KILL YOUAnd this just keeps on going on and on really this bad tempered streak of his This fucker lashes at people every time he got mad I became so fucking disgusted at him that I detached myself from the story I just finished the novel because I hoped I really hoped that he would redeem himselfBut he did not In the end he just realised his feelings gave a pledge of eternal love and that s it No soul bearing life changing redemption in his part I demand pining for fuck s sake especially after everything Kathleen went through One bucket of tears for every tongue lashing he gave wouldn t even begin to satisfy me I demand so much especially after seeing awesome LK heroes like Derek and Sebastian toil for their redemption The worst part of this is that I can t see Devon changing his spots I can t imagine him becoming less of an asshole everytime he was angry And what kind of a relationship with such a man would be I m sure as hell it wouldn t be a healthy one SighKathleen herself is far too inconsistent and indecisive to be likeable I thought she was a strong character at first especially with the way she stood up to Devon in the first chapter but as the story progress she becomes and obedient pliant and a downright push over At one point I was sorely tempted to call her an invertebrate because of her lack of willpower My God She frustrated the hell out of me Instead of apologising to Devon like she did I would have kicked him in the balls and left him for goodAnd all this brings me to my second point the romance is far from convincing In fact I ve never seen two people ill suited for each other than Devon and Kathleen I think another factor that made their love unconvincing is the fact that there was no proper build up to their relationship Every single thing in the story seems orchestrated in order to make things convenient for Devon Some events don t really make any sense For instance when the two first met Devon said something about throwing Kathleen and his cousins from the house a remark which our heroine overheard They had a huge fight Okay so they were arguing and because of the widow s veil he couldn t see her face When he lifts it up BAM He was transfixed by her original beauty and then they stopped arguing Kathleen was the first to speak and shocked the fuck out of me when she actually obeyed him and answered his uestion And then they had a friendly chat And Devon started lusting after her And Kathleen agreed to tour him around his estateIn the first chapterWay too early It s fucking way too early for a friendly chat between those two Hello The man just told you he wanted you ass off the property and HE DIDN T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOUR AND HIS COUSINS WELFARE and THIS IS HOW YOU ACT KATHLEEN DEAR GOD I would have bloodied his nose for his remark BlechOverall this book s just a big let down I love LK but no amount of loyalty could make me stomach Devon Kathleen while annoying with her inconsistent and flimsy character is tolerable Sigh Some may like this but I sure as hell will not be reading this again

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Y and from the first moment Devon holds her in his arms he vows to do whatever it takes to possess her As Kathleen finds herself yielding to his skillfully erotic seduction only one uestion remainsCan she keep from surrendering her heart to the most dangerous man she's ever known. A ruined estate a depleted fortune and a woman he couldn t have Or better an inheritance he s too selfish and immature to appreciate not enough somebody else s money left for him to suander and how to bed a woman silly while carefully remaining the same jerk you were on page one and then wanting to pass off as a romance novel hero at the end of the book Devon Ravenel of the infamous hot tempered Ravenels a man unrepentantly bent on living off the glorious ancestral badass charm but only good at exercising the attached lousy reputation to a disenchanted eye mine is not happy at all about inheriting Eversby Prior the Hampshire rundown estate entailed with the title His cousin Daniel relatives being the obnoxious lot that they usually are had the bad taste of dying young thus suddenly making a broke earl out of him not to mention making him also responsible for a household full of uerulous females Devon is already plotting to boot out a soon as possible Starting with the newly minted widow Lady Kathleen but wait She s hotter than he thought so let her stick around some and see if we can pull a half baked love story off where the obstacles standing in the way derive exclusively from our own pettinessThis the plot in a nutshell and no not much else happens And no it cannot be considered a character driven romance either since the main couple had such inconsistent annoying and forgettable personalities reflecting in all their interactions to the point of leaving no chance for real growth Though I have to admit they fully deserved each other by the end Many things about this book have managed to irritate me From the hero s boorish attitude to the heroine s mood swings and hypocrisy From the lack of effective wit to the insufferable twins Cassandra and Pandora with their stilted originality splendicious From the lack of substance in the plot to the rather wallpaperish setting must be 1875 if there s a train Way interesting than the main couple the secondary romance West the hero s brother and Hamlet the pigIf I had to rate based solely on the hero and heroine s romance arc Cold Hearted Rake would have been a one star for me but for the occasional glimpses that reminded me of the wonders this author can be capable of see for example Dreaming of You I decided to upgrade to two Maybe many years away from the historical sub genre have taken their toll or maybe it s just a coincidence but there was a mood decidedly off about the whole package going from the uninspiring main relationship to a narrative style which surprisingly succeeds in being old fashioned with an often uivering heroine and an often overbearing hero and anachronistic at the same time with expressions such as bitch and adolescent drama casually thrown around And with two protagonists conveniently remembering of being Victorians social norms and classism included only when meddling in other people s lives The storyline was not well balanced either The sections with Kathleen and West working on restoring Eversby Prior s conditions and Helen and Winterborne s secondary romance while intriguing and promising for the next book take up too much space especially when compared to a main couple who doesn t spend a lot of time together after all not enough to make their developing feelings believable or achieving something beyond lustThe reasons behind Devon s dislike of marriage and sentimental engagements let alone the ones behind his resentment toward his cousin which sound ridiculous and Kathleen s emotional block and fear of intimacy seem flimsy contrived and are never fully explored anyway More often than not Devon appears self serving condescending and irascible obsessed with the heroine but not in love Kathleen on her part readily drops her initial token attempts at feisty and embraces the role of simpering woman overwhelmed by the hero s robust masculine prime and not only in bed old fashioned like I saidNo truly meaningful dialogues no truly eual recognition no truly sensual sex scenes between them Few pages to the end and we re stuck at this When I return he said leveling a steady stare at her you and I are going to have a long talk AloneHer lips tightened at his severe tone Am I to have a choice in the matterYes you ll have the choice of whether we go to bed before the talk or after Why of course your jerkship Good luck Kathleen

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    Lisa Kleypas is so important to me as a fan of historical romance She was the reason I got into the genre in the first place and it was most of her books that became the standard by which I judged others The latter of course changed once I broadened my horizons and got acuainted with the works of Amanda uick Elizabeth Hoyt and Monica McCarty but LK is still definitely a legend in her own right That was why I waited patiently for

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    Lisa Kleypas is back and back in a big way with Cold Hearted Rake her first historical romance in years and it's everything we long time fans have come to expect from her storytelling It's romantic poignant funny and oh so very sexy BlurbA twist of fateDevon Ravenel London's most wickedly charming rake has just inherited an earldom But his po

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    I've hated main characters before and I'd feel absolute glee if some of Kristen Ashley's alpha assholes were slowly tortured and killed by a girl scout troop But this main female character is definitely on the ve

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    4 starsOkay so here it is A new Historical Romance by my ueen of Historical Romances I'm also a firm supporter and believer of her Contemporaries but yeah The Historicals right? I loved this story not necessarily because it was spectacular o

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    45 starsI can't wait for Rhys and Helen's book

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    If you like me enjoy a good piece of fluff every now and then you could do a lot worse than Lisa Kleypas' Cold Hearted RakeIs it perfection?I d

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    A ruined estate a depleted fortune and a woman he couldn't have Or better an inheritance he's too selfish and i

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    Not so cold hearted after allCold Hearted Rake was everything I hoped it would be Ms Kleypas has the remarkable ability to make you want to ste

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    35 STARSIt's been a while since LK has written a HR She's among my top 3 fave authors and she writes beautifully I enjoyed this book but I didn't love it If I'm comparing it to other HR books she's written most notably The Wallflowers series then this isn't AS good Why?Let's get the good stuff out of the way The writing was flawless of course The descriptions the emotion the use of proseI enjoyed all that The hero Devon Ravenel

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    Not what I expectedHad it not been for the fact that I couldn't warm up to the heroine Kathleen throughout the whole book I would have had no p

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