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Cassandra Price cut her family ties so long ago it’s hard to recall life before she left the place she once called home Living with the man of her dreams was all that really mattered and it was worth emptying herself of the past There was just one thing it was all short lived Her best laid plans unraveled before the engine could cool on the 747 that landed her in sunny California Now twenty years later she is summoned to.

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Seasons of Change

Return home for family’s sake and while she thought she’d never consider going back it couldn’t have come at a better time Cassandra is determined to keep the terms short and use the time to orchestrate the next phase of her life Blaine Warner is a total package and every single woman’s dream come true He is in high demand in the small neighborhood where Cassandra has returned Blaine has to check every woman that.

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Throws herself his way;that is until he lays eyes on Cassandra He envisions making Cassandra a part of his world and is doing everything possible to get and keep her attention Cassandra is standing at an emotional crossroads She’s not sure she’s willing to risk her heart again for the love of family or for Blaine One thing is for certain though she has to forever seal the door to a past that could tear her family apart.

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