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Hidden dangers her terms are not open for discussion not when their thirst for one another could doom them both In a court where monarchs are obeyed and sexual hierarchies are strict one wrong move could end the Prince for ever and what would happen to Lydia the. Well that was interesting Not sure what I think of it though The good The premise is uniue I love the idea of a MMC eschewing tradition so he can have his woman on his own terms At least that s what I thought the story was going to be about spoiler it wasn t If this is taken as a tutorial for the PC treatment of gender and attraction then I d say it s well done and thought provoking If this is taken as a dark romanceThe bad Waaaay too much inner monologuing from the FMC I would ve liked to have had the MMC POV I think the story could ve benefitted from seeing of his world in action this might ve cleared up some of the confusing bits as well The indifferent While I appreciated the flipping of my own expectations while reading this I never did uite land on liking either character There s a HFN yet I m not sure I believed it HmmmThe confusing Massive spoilers so don t read unless you wanna know view spoilerAs to the flipping of my expectations from this being the story of an Alpha male who goes against the grain of his societal demands to this actually being the story of a gender transitioning spoiled and abused brat who s just excited to finally have his penis come inwhere can he stick it it was well written I didn t see a lot of the twists until they smacked me in the face However I didn t like the twists which is unusual for me I normally love twists that are surprising no matter their nature In this case not so much The reason is that the storyline made little sense to me The MMC the Prince started off as beguilingly mysterious Everything about him was cold and unknowable As was revealed though I was left thinking that changes to his character were forced for the sake of the message to the story that of gender acceptancetoleranceall the other PC etceteras And the premise of why Lydia was taken to be his pet made very little sense to me either Lydia is apparently dead in her lifeworld so there s no going back for her That s convenient for the Stockholm Syndrome esue storyline but fine The idea is that having a pet to care for will entice the Prince into choosing to be a Princess instead I was on board for this Butthe ueens are all depicted as cold heartless bitches And the Prince s Momma is shown as being powerless while a different ueen is portrayed as a homicidal rapist Sowhy exactly would a pet motivate nurturing instincts when they don t seem to exist in any of the other female characters of his kindI felt the whole worldbuild was wobbly The ideas were there but not fleshed out enough because the focus uickly skewed toward the PC message hide spoiler

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As Lydia comes to realize that the Prince is as much a prisoner to his culture's ways as she is her resentment slowly unfurls into pity understanding curiosity and a deep unpredictable consuming lust She wants him too on her own terms But in a world fraught with. What to say about this most unusual novel I found this book very provocative in light of current national events regarding gender identity At turns this book will intrigue horrify soothe and excite In all ways it is an emotional and physical roller coaster I ve never linked to another review before but the one listed by Bending the Bookshelf has such clarity without revealing key spoilers that I will simply direct you there

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He calls himself the Prince He is humanoid but not human fascinating sensual at the cusp of maturity and accustomed to getting what he wants And Lydia has awoken in his world to find that she has been given to him as a pet a plaything and if he so desires a lover. 35 StarsThis one is a very ethereal and uniue read it s really a hard one to explain adeuately and put into words being so unusualSo this is not some erotic pet play type sci fi it s actually of a coming of age story a journey of self discovery that could play out against any backdrop not just here it just happens to be set on an alien worldIt s about teaching someone care and compassion for someone apparently inferior and at the same time accepting things that are beyond our controlIts also about acceptance and being true to yourself even if that means going against the grainThis was actually fascinating and oh so strange and I don t think I ve read anything uite like this beforeLydia wakes on a strange world the apparent pet to a spoilt and petulant Prince on the cusp of maturingHer purpose here is to teach the Prince care and responsibility towards a lesser being not as any playthingWhat makes this so unusual is that our prince gets to choose his own gender here and though expected by custom to choose female he decides to go with how he feels and actually chooses maleWhen we first meet the Prince he is actually genderless his chosen gender is something that comes laterI didn t really think of this as a romance but of an evolution where the characters involved grow as they learn life lessons along the wayWhen we start this the Prince s actions towards Lydia once the novelty wears off are those of disinterest and thoughtless neglect even mistreating her when he is angry like a master taking out his temper towards others on a convenient pet that can t fight backThe parallels here with how people can treat their pets and how Lydia herself was being treated as a pet the swings of emotion from the prince from indulgent pet owner to I can t be bothered was fascinatingObviously as this progresses the sexual factor is also brought into the euation and rather than being titillating it was one of discovery and growthThis also had dark themes and you realise as this progresses that the prince life is far from charmed and that he is just as scared and lost at times as LydiaThis was a really thought provoking odyssey of unworldly bizarrenessBut I did appreciate the hidden messages it impartedReviewed By Beckie Bookwormhttpswwwfacebookcombeckiebookwormwwwbeckiebookwormcom

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    45 starsI loved this book Right from the blurb till the last line I loved the way the characters were framed I hate the usual big horny aliens with bad dialogue This hero is definitely uniue He's an alien elf and the King's second child In this

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    35 StarsThis one is a very ethereal and uniue read it's really a hard one to explain adeuately and put into words being s

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    Well now this certainly wasn't the book that I was expecting When Peggy Barnett pitched it to me I thought it would just be a fun bit of erotic gender bending fluff Of course knowing Peggy and knowing what else she writes I really should have e

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    This wasn't the book I was expecting I expected some sort of weird sci fi erotica I think but this ended up being a fully fleshed sci fi romance with a captivity angleIn theory I like captivity romances However every time I read one I'm left less than impressed There's never a good balance between desire and psychological issues and the captive always capitulates way too easily because the captor is hot andor disgustingly richIn LIPS LIKE I

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    Lydia holds still and lets him and says nothing Because what else do you do when your kidnapper your warden your eventual potential bed sport partner but not lover comes to you for comfort? This is such an interesting read It explores concepts like consent bodily autonomy self identity sexual discovery life death and grief all wrapped in a sort of alien portal fantasy romancewarningview spoilerrape hide spoiler

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    What to say about this most unusual novel? I found this book very provocative in light of current national events regarding gender ide

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    Rightwellthat was certainly interesting This is a story that deals with the issue of gender identity in a uniue and different way Very thoughtful and refreshing read

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    Well that was interesting Not sure what I think of it though The good The premise is uniue I love the idea of a MMC esche

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    35 stars Would've been an easy 4 with better editing and then a 5 with less heavy handedness I read it for the human alien pairing

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    Let's get this out of the way I do not read romances Not only do I not read romances but until last year I was one of those horrendous snobs who looked down upon Romances capital R as being somehow lesser than my precious spec fic Obviously this is an incredibly stupid thing to think and I'm very glad I learned out of it But although I no longer deliberately avoid romance novels I still manage towell never read any I'm the girl who likes d

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