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SUMMARY Shadow Lake Werewolves and Wallflowers #3

A sizzlingly werewolf romance and an electrifying twist After Connor Stonebrooke’s monster filled first semester in college he takes a break bringing his muscular werewolf boyfriend Gage home to meet his father Connor’s father’s new house is serenely located next to a man made body of water known as.

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Shadow Lake Werewolves and Wallflowers #3

Ark secret that will change everything Shadow Lake is the third book in the ‘Werewolves and Wallflowers’ Series Adult Content Warning Contains explicit scenes language and themes indented for a mature audience that enjoys man on man erotic fiction Wolves and Wallflowers Book 1 The Shifting Moon Book 2.

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Shadow Lake Connor and Gage use the lake’s seclusion to unleash their supernatural abilities in secrecy However something dangerous appears to live beneath the water Suddenly his relationship with Gage is tested and Connor discovers himself the center of a mystery involving those closest to him and a d.

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    Like itIt is still a good series and there are characters with mysterious parts I love Remy even though he is a secondary character and can't wait till he finds out about his parents Can't wait for the next book

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    Rating 35 rounded upThis series continues to be a lot of fun There is mystery in this one than romance and of course there are always the action seuence showdowns between good and evil My only tiny complaint was with the sex scene at the very end; I found some of the words used to describe otherwise sexy parts and actions to be a little unsexy Otherwise it was very satisfying on a mysteryactionromanceparanormalsexy le