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N San Juan Del Sur under very unusual and very unclothed circumstances The lust is instant the spark explosive and what follows is a week of the hottest sex and wildest adventure of Aly's life But as genuinely good as he is men like Jacob rarely wind up perfect as they seem After all rich m

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Jacob by Stella Rhys

Ysterious and painfully sexy never comes without a history of the deepest tragedy and darkest secrets JACOB is a standalone short story 11000 words introducing characters featured in the novel IN TOO DEEP available April 15 Preview the first 3000 words of IN TOO DEEP at the end of this book

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It's bad enough to be stuck in the middle of the ocean without your top on It's worse to be saved by the hands down sexiest man you've ever laid eyes on A jet setting architect Jacob Kinsley is the type of tall built and sexy that no woman can resist On a post breakup escape Aly finds him i

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