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Long awaited re release of AMSG including new translation with a greater accuracy to the original texts along with extra materials previously unreleased This book compile the works written within tha.

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AMSG Author Valentin Scavr

N 15 years that with time became a fundamental among significant amount of sincere adherents of traditional Diabolism One of exclusive and rare books to date strong and sincere concealing within its.

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Pages the atmosphere and infernal spirit of uncompromising service to our Dark Master Hardback bound in black cloth with silver foil blocking on cover and spine 58 x 82 243 pages Limited to 300 copie.

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    This book is the blackest and most perverse Devil worshiping lore I have eve read Juicy detailed lore of Flesh mutilation erotica Filthy metaphorical poetry hateful content etc This is the epitome of Anti Cosmic Satanism; non abrahmic Death glorifying and the most important; literal worship and honoring of the Devil as Evil Suprem

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    Excellent book Very in depth detail and Satanic to the core