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Payment so that she can pass But Kanaan has no interest in gold or silver He demands her body Now the untouched princess must pay the Viking leader's asking price by submitting to a public and rough disciplining for her indisc.

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The Captured Princess

Yes princess it will fit Put it in your mouth and see On her way to meet her betrothed Princess Anabelle's carriage is obstructed by Vikings The Viking leader Kanaan accuses her of trespassing on his lands and Anabelle offers.

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Retion The Captured Princess is the first steamy installment of the Taken by Vikings series The Taken by Vikings series The Captured Princess by Chera Zade The Enslaved Princess by Chera Zade The Ravished Princess by Chera Zad.

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    25 star It is a bit better than okay Not exactly enjoyable for me because it was way too short and there really wasn't much to it The writing is fine The viking sounds sexy The punishing initial violation was decent The subseuent sex scenes were all fade to black telling instead of showing pout This is broken up into the serial format which is not my preference

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    A good start to an erotic series 35 stars

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    It was a really good short story

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