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Awakening The Guardians Heart Series Book 1

E’d just dreamt about Who was he Where did he come from Drawn to his warm brown eyes and dazzling smile Acacia begins to delve into his mysterious appearance What she uncovers will lead her to a world she never knew existed and a destiny she never wanted Caelan Shaw isn’t your typical college student In fact he isn’t even human Sent to find the one spoken of in an ancient prophecy; it.

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Of all the aspirations Acacia Benedict had imagined for her life finding herself caught up in the middle of a war was definitely not one of them When she first lays eyes on the new student in her Creative Writing class her heart nearly stops It wasn’t his incredible good looks that caused her heart to race and the air to leave her lungs but the remarkable resemblance he bore to the man sh.

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Is his duty to protect her no matter the cost Only she can stop the war that the Elders of his kind wish to wage upon the mortals As he struggles between his sense of duty and the overwhelming need to be near her he realizes what he feels goes far beyond that of her guardian Though forbidden he cannot deny that his destiny will forever lie at her sideasin B00R95P11C alternate cover edition.

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I love the concept behind this book I don't get to read too many books about old school Fae so to speak but I thoroughly enjoyed this take on them especially regarding the concept with the elders This book has a fantastic twist ending that I did not see

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    Great readInteresting story well told I'm already looking forward to book 2 If you've enjoyed series like City of Bones Twilight or Divergent you'll like this onetoo

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