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Ella's Exams Complete Bundle First Second Third Fourth Fifth AND Sixth Exams Save a bundle with this bundle The Ella’s Exam Complete Bundle includes all six books of the Ella’s Exams Series Not for the weak of heart and intended for adults 18 only This work of fiction is the product of the author’s wild and fun imagination Any similarities to real life characters places and events are completely unintended Please further note that all characters depicted are of legal adult age This six book bundle contains graphic descriptions including medical play and several not so private medical examinations If you find this type of subject matter offensive please do not purchase this book Otherwise enjoy Ella's First Exam Ella has just turned eighteen and her mother has finally convinced her to schedule her first gynecologist appointment Ella has been reluctant maintaining that she’s not sexually active yet Dr Billings and his sexy assistant and wife Tammy take nervous Ella’s first exam to the extreme as she.

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Ellas Exams Super Bundle Six Steamy Medical Play Stories

Ends there because Ella is in for uite a surprise when a sexy pre med student shows up to observe the examination Ella's Fifth Exam It’s homecoming time Ella is stoked to see her best friend Tess who’s been away for her first semester at college But Tess comes home with a big problem After a one night stand Tess thinks she’s knocked up Ella has in mind the perfect doctor for Tess to visit Dr Billings and his sexy wife Tammy of course This is one medical exam you aren’t going to want to reschedule Ella's Sixth Exam Cooler weather and the Holidays will be here before we know it So why not snuggle up with a goodElla Tis’ the season to spread tidings of good joy and gifts of appreciation Who has meant the most to you over the past year Well for Ella it’s been Dr Billings and his wife Tammy of course This sexy husband and wife team have helped Ella through some of the drama of early adulthood including that first obgyn exam Ella’s First Exam some medical issues after an evening of hot sex with a we.

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Truly learns about her sexuality for the first time Does she prefer Dr Billings or Tammy Ella's Second Exam After Ella’s first gynecologist appointment Dr Billings and Tammy cannot determine Ella’s sexual preference She seems to prefer both sexes but the first exam was “inconclusive” so a second exam has been scheduled What will Ella Tammy and Dr Billings learn in her second medical exam Ella's Third Exam Dr Billings and Tammy are still having a hard time determining Ella’s sexual preference She seems to prefer Tammy but Dr Billings is simply not convinced More analysis is needed so a third exam has been scheduled But this time Dr Billings has decided to bring in several hot young doctors in training Ella's Fourth Exam As the hot summer drags on it appears that Ella’s exams with her gynecologist have come to an end However after a steamy back seat romp with a gorgeous black construction worker Ella has another reason she needs to schedule a visit with Dr Billings and Tammy And don’t think it.

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