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Llable Spider Rembrandt has six toes sleeps in a grave and dreams of congress with the pert and playful Reedy ButtonsSucked into the vortex of Spider's philandering mind is a narrator sometimes Spider's adversary sometimes his victim who lies upon a bed brooding on the absence of a nameless brown.

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Mystery in Spiderville

Haired woman He too is protean full of passionate longings and homicidal tendenciesA surrealist film noir that blends the forensic with the erotic the seedy penny dreadful and the lyric prose poem Mystery in Spiderville is one of the strangest strongest and most arresting fictional debuts in yea.

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Alongside the names of James Hadley Chase and Erle Stanley Gardner we must now add that of John Hartley Williams though Mystery in Spiderville is no run of the mill hard boiled thriller The d├ęcor is by Dali the plot is a mixture of Breton and Burroughs and the main character the protean and unki.

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    Well this is a strange book and make no mistake There might be a crime there might be a character called Spider who might be an actual spider who might be encountered under a variety of guises and there might be a thread of logic pulling the book together although I couldn't find it In terms of surrealistic prose the book is intriguing compelling and occasionally brilliant However as much as I enjoy surrealism I also enjoy having