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The fourth book in Henry V O'Neil's Sim War series ratchets up the tension and sets the stage for a thrilling conclusion to the series in book fiveThings are looking grim for the Alliance A slave revolt on Celestia has split its leaders on how to proceed and many are blaming Chairwoman Reena Mortas for the whole debacle H.

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CHOP Line Sim War #4

Er husband Olech Mortas remains missing And no one is any closer to figuring out the mystery of the Step or who is responsible for the SimsAfter Jander Mortas's platoon in the Orphan Brigade survives a battle with horse sized wolves Jander is sent on a secret mission that brings him closer than ever to communication with.

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The Sims Meanwhile Ayliss has joined the Banshees an elite all female group of warriors Their training is brutal though it will prepare them for a test the likes of which they never could have imaginedMeanwhile Jander and Ayliss and making discoveries about the Step and what it might mean for the whereabouts of their fath.

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    Book Four in The Sim War series finds Lieutenant Jander Mortas fighting a ground war against the Sims a race of beings who resemble humans but who are artificially created Once again he encounters an alien species related t

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    Awesome book great entry in the series

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    O'Neill continues his SIM WAR series I really like this author but this book has a lot politics while attempts are made to negotiate a peace between the Sims and the humans So there are less combat scenes that I have really liked in the previous novels of the series Yet there still are many scenes of combat leadership by LT Mortas including a fight seuence when Jander's unit is about to be overrun and he calls in artillery support