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Lucy Miller has worked her way up from coffee fetcher and copy maker to invaluable assistant She’s proud of her accomplishments but she’s looking forward to a break from her demanding boss; a visit home is just the Christmas treat she needs Diligent and unassuming Chanoch Evans has avoid. Tamsen Parker hits the spot with the fifth book in The Compass Series I loved Due South and Evans and Lucy I m rather partial a hero who is adorably awkward than alpha considerate of a uieter nature yet with a strong presence knows exactly what he s doing between the sheets and has a few surprises up his sleeve That to me is incredibly sexy and Evans is very much so And Lucy I loved her with a sweet nature she s smart owns her sexuality is confident voicing her wants and needs and Evans is than happy to meet themThe phrase any place anytime anywhere was coined for Lucy and Evans and once they get a taste of one another there s no stopping them In terms of sexy time there s definitely no scrimping here but that s what the story hinges on awakened feelings between two fairly shy people who are colleagues are attracted to one another working largely alone over the festive period and are determined not to let themselves fall into the all work and no play trap I m hard as hell for you but I ll walk away if you can t behave If you re good you ll get a treat And by treat I mean a nice hard fuck against this door while the people we work with go about their business I admit I went into this with a little reticence simply because the last book in this series didn t work for me for personal reasons but I can categorically say there was no need as Due South is without doubt my favourite of the series so far In comparison to its predecessors it s a little gentler on the kink but rest assured it s heated and holds plenty feeling And it can easily be read as a standalone so if you fancy a sizzling sexy easy read over the holidays with characters who are endearing and relatable this is one I recommend Copy received courtesy of the author for an honest and unbiased opinion

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Only each other for company After catching their boss in flagrante they start to see that each other’s mild workplace personas might be just the tip of the iceberg Despite the prohibition against fraternization between employees there may be than kissing going on underneath this mistletoe. For His Eyes Only is formerly Due South This book deserves all the love and praise so I have redone my review to match this lovely re skin of my fave seriesIntroduction I am OBSESSED with Tamsen Parker s books so when I got the opportunity to read this book I jumped at the chance This series has been uber sexy uber awesome and has always been a pleasant surprise when I pick the book up and can t put it down ReviewThe Cover The cover is probably my favourite out of the whole series For His Eyes Only has really upped the game The contrasting colours of the red hair and green ish blue background make it really stand out I also love the seductive look that is front and center on this cover I like the continuation of the sexy looks in my personal opinion I like them better than just the single person covers but that s just me It gives the book a little extra boost in the sexiness departmentThe Content I m writing this book as I read it which is rare for me I normally like to finish a book and go back through it but this review shall be the play by play It s the holidays let s switch things up in my reviewsCurrently I ve hit Chapter 2 within this review I love that India and Cris have been mentioned and then they both get some action scenes I miss those crazy kids and having them pop by makes my fan girl heart feel all warm and fuzzy I also really enjoy that this book starts off with referencing Christmas and it s being released around Christmas The vibe I m getting so far is festive and fan friendly Also within Chapter 2 you already get that R rated swearing involved which gives me a good chuckle So readers beware if you do not like the swears this book has a few of them at least so far But let s be honest if I lost a file of some form of importance I would also be swearing but probably a lot than Lucy doesWithin Chapter 2 I also love the reference to how some fans felt within the reviews view spoiler Lucy references that India is mean and why could Cris like her since he is nice and easygoing It gave me a real laugh reading that since some reviewers did comment on that exact issue But true love and soul mates conuer all people hide spoiler

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Ed relationships not just out of shyness but because he doesn’t feel like he has anything to offer most of his resources are devoted to his war veteran younger brother When a desperate plea from their boss ruins their holiday plans Lucy and Evans are stuck in an otherwise empty office with. I won this ARC in a Shh Smut Heroes HEAs with Alessandra giveaway It was awesome I m not a fan of shy heroines and even less of shy heroes but Ms Parker did a wonderful job

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    Genre Erotic RomanceType Standalone Book 5 from The Compass seriesPOV First Person DualRating For six years Lucy Miller endured her boss' high pressure demands and this year she was asked to stay behind for Christmas to fix an important project As a dedicated staff she poured all her energy to get it done but an empty office and close proximity with an assuming colleague reawakened a warm and tingly feeling that had prev

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    Tamsen Parker hits the spot with the fifth book in The Compass Series; I loved Due South and Evans and Lucy I'm rather par

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    4 with love at christmas STARSIs it a standalone? Kinda If you're perfectionist also OCD you need to read this on order Jus

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    Originally posted at Heroes and Heartbreakers Miller and Chanoch Evans have worked together for years but have done nothing than pas

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    I won this ARC in a Shh Smut Heroes HEAs with Alessandra giveaway It was awesome I'm not a fan of shy heroines and even less of shy heroes but Ms Parker did a wonderful job

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    This is a different kind of novel to the rest of the compass series The books so far in this series have dealt with some

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    DNF 32% Not doing it for meGenerally I like a good cute nerdy and shy hero but I also want those aforementioned heroes to make me swoon and ooh and aww over them This H was supposed to be all of the above but I just saw him as another generic office worker that was too uncertain and weak to make me ooh and aww about Couple that w

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    Lucy is crushed her mercurial boss has forced her to work over Christmas so she won’t be able to make it home for the holidays The only thing that makes the long hours better is her coworker Evans Spending so much time together in the office and witnessing something salacious together leads to some fun furtive activities between the two of them but they know it can’t go on because the employee handbook strictly for

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    For His Eyes Only is formerly Due South This book deserves all the love and praise so I have redone my review to match this lovely

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    Favorite uote No seriously This is my life Hyperventilating in my office because my boss almost caught me getting blown by her secretary in her bathroom After running down a hallway naked except for clothes I'd been wearing over twenty four hours clutched against my junkOffice affairs man They aren't for the weakWhile t