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Ng science project they discover they do have one thing in common They’re both obsessed with the same online gaming star and his hilarious videosIt might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship if they don’t kill each other firs This book I LOVE this book I won t lie I finished reading it a few weeks ago and I have spent every day since trying to figure out how to encapsulate just how much I love it It hit absolutely every one of my soft spots Wonderful friendships Complex families Adorable old men Fun and realistic romance VIDEO GAMES And all of it delivered through two amazing uniue girls who simply jump off the page Kat IS teenage me and her thoughts and fears and triumphs spoke to me as clearly as if Anna had read my journals while writing I d be Kat s best friend in a heartbeat But thankfully I don t have to be because she already has Meg fierce excitable Meg who I want nothing than to wrap into the snuggest warmest hug of my life These girls feel so real and their friendship is one that had me rooting for it from the first page they shared together Another confession I cried four times while reading The emotions packed in these pages happy sad and everything between are rendered so beautifully The moment I finished reading I already began flipping back to find my favorite scenes I ll be returning to them again and again I m uite sure that once I have this in hard copy I ll wear the binding thin with my rereads If for nothing else read this book for the writing Anna captures the most complex emotions in heartbreakingly relatable terms I can t count the number of times I stopped to read a paragraph aloud and revel in its beauty This is the book I spent my teen years searching for It s a book about finding forever friendships It s a book about being geeky and vulnerable and different and coming out on the other side Pick up this book Full stop No ifs ands or buts You won t regret it

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For fans of Nicola Yoon’s Everything Everything Emery Lord’s When We Collided and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl Anna Priemaza’s debut novel is a heartwarming and achingly real story of finding a friend being a fan and defining your 45 Stars This was a super fun fluffy read about friendship and I really enjoyed it It was evenly paced and fairly lighthearted which made for a great reading experience Thank you to Harper Teen for providing me with a copy for reviewFirstly I loved the neurodiversity in this novel As it features two main characters one with anxiety panic attacks and another with ADHD I of course was interested from the get go I have to say I agree with the author in saying that it is not specifically a mental health novel as she had mentioned to me a few months ago but it is very evident that their disorders are implemented into the story very naturally ADHD anxiety are not mentioned on every page but we absolutely see how Meg s ADHD affects her schoolwork her family and her friendship whereas we see how Kat s anxiety forms a lot of her decisions It s not the primary focus of the novel but an important factor that was executed extremely well in my opinion As someone with anxiety I especially loved Kat s portrayal It was so nice to see a character suffer from the daily weight of this illness but also grow and start to conuer itI also enjoyed that one of our main characters Meg is black I hadn t given much thought to the ethnicities of our protagonists before reading so it was nice to get some surprise representation there I obviously can t speak for the rep but I will say I noticed Meg talks about issues of being a black teen than most books with black main characters written by white authors I can t tell you if that s good or not but I did feel as if there was a strong effort to make it an accurate portrayal In general I loved Kat and Meg and protagonists They complement each other so well it s mind boggling It s a total introverttotal extrovert pairing that creates a very balanced dynamic Kat helps Meg stay focused and Meg helps Kat step outside of their comfort zone I also felt it was a very healthy relationship so yay for supportive and fluffy girl friendships They do have their fights like most teenage girl friendships but they were never malicious towards each other never betrayed one another and always did their best to keep the other s interests in mindAlso side note it s the first book I ve ever read that takes place in Canada I believe Yay for some non AmericanUK YAAnother part of the story I loved because gosh there s so many things was the fact that their friendship begins on the fact that they both love a YouTube who streams video game playthroughs I found this concept so uniue because it s a huge part of many teens lives today I m not a big fan of gamers on YouTube but the fandom culture was totally accurate The video gameYouTube aspect was super super fun to read aboutThere s so much that I want to talk about but I m going to hold my tongue because I m filming a review coming soon The one thing I didn t enjoy about this story was it wasn t very plot based There s really no concrete storyline it s just the story of these two girls who are partnered up at the beginning of the year become friends because of a shared love of a gamer on YouTube It s not a huge critiue because I understand many YA contemporaries aren t very plot focused to begin with but sometimes I wished there was just a little driving the plot other than 1 Science fair 2 LumberlegsLOTS 3 Family issues I just felt there was room for contentAll in all really really great read Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys YA contemporaries involving mental health themes girl friendship and videos It was so fluffy cute and funny that you can t help but love it This book was sent to me for free by Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own

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Place in a difficult worldKat and Meg couldn’t be different Kat’s anxiety makes it hard for her to talk to people Meg hates being alone but her ADHD keeps pushing people away But when the two girls are thrown together for a year lo The thing about this book is it was written for me Okay Not really But it sure felt that way while I was reading Because1 It has everything I want from a book2 I became ridiculously immersed in the story3 Kat is basically me This book is absolutely hilarious I laughed out loud times than I can count But I also cried I felt every heart twisting thing the characters were going through like it was happening to me And to top it off the writing itself was absolutely beautifulBoth Meg and Kat are wonderful and loveably flawed and real As Kat herself describes them Meg is the ideas person The brainstormer She is watermelon thrown from roofs and speed runs for science I am uestionnaires and control factorsKat s anxieties could have been pulled straight from my own brain And Meg Well Meg is a force of nature Her frantic energy leapt off the page I could read her often hilarious sometimes heartbreaking rambling forever In fact the only thing I disliked about the book is that it s only a book My life would be so much richer if Meg were my best friend Both Meg and Kat were such vivid characters that I really did feel like they were real I felt like I was part of their friendship like by reading the book I d joined an amazingly special secret club At a certain part it was as if I stopped observing and became an actual participant in the story I think there are a lot of Megs and Kats in the world People who don t fit in People who look at the world around them and wonder why they re different why they can t just be normal But there s no such thing as normal And being different doesn t mean being broken I can t wait for this book to get into the hands of all the Megs and Kats so they can be reminded that like the characters they re actually awesome

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    45 Stars This was a super fun fluffy read about friendship and I really enjoyed it It was evenly paced and fairly lighthear

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    OhMyGodI'll reread this as soon as I possibly canThe most underrated book I ever read This is actually inspiring me to create an understated shelf even if it has only this bookThis book has 690 ratings 690Even I the dorkiest guy ever has 612

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    I'LL BE HERE IN THE CORNER CRYING OVER HOW PRECIOUS KAT AND MEG ARE This whole book I just wanted to hug both of them and tell them that everyone sucksAlso ignore the cringy cover okayyyy guysAnd I know the synopsis compares it to Everything Everything Fangirl but it was probably not that much like either #yourlifeisliesBut this was such a real book and it wasn’t like “oh this couple is perfect for each other and they’re going to get

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    The thing about this book is it was written for me Okay Not really But it sure felt that way while I was reading Because1 It has everything I want from a book2 I became ridiculously immersed in the story3 Kat is basically me This book is abs

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    This book I want everyone in the world to read this bookWhere to even beginKAT AND MEG wove its way into my hea

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    KAT AND MEG CONUER THE WORLD is so much than you ever think it could possibly be Upon meeting Kat you might bristle at some of her thoughts including most that escape her lips Then you meet Meg a tidal wave of personality that can't uite be contained Video games are eased in the mix and you wonder how oh how will this all workThat

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    I hate peopleEven me Meg asks which could mean she's a mind reader but probably just means I accidentally said that out loudYou're not people Yo

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    This book I LOVE this book I won't lie I finished reading it a few weeks ago and I have spent every day since trying to figure out how to encapsulate just how much I love it It hit absolutely every one of my sof

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    BUT REALLY GUYS THIS IS THE BEST BOOKSo I got to read this as part of our critiue group and I've seen this book from early stages but even before editing I LOVE LOVE LOVE it And it all comes down to the charactersKat and Meg are two of the most relatable protagonists I've read in young adult fiction They both have their problems

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    TO THE RIFTOkay that reference will only make sense to people who have already read the book but I wanted to put it there because a it’s fun to write and b I think it shows the cool and gloriously nerdy feel of this book Because se