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Yumuniverse Pantry to Plate

Ou'll have veggie burgers no recipe reuired In this one of a kind cookbook Heather shares 30 ingenious recipe templates to help you freestyle plant packed gluten free meals and snacks on the fly Breakfast Cookies Bites Tots Tacos Wraps Hand Pies and Plus 100 delicious recipes that show the templates in action from Maple Spiced Pear Toasted Pecan Parfait based on the Coco

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What you crave What's in your cupboard Joyful cooking your way Heather Crosby loves a good recipe but most of the time she simply cooks pantry to plate What's that It's taking stock of what you have on hand and what you're in the mood for and then well improvising For example Do you have some veggies a protein a binder and some herbs and spices for flavor Mix it up and y

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Nut Yogurt template to Pesto Chickpea uinoa Scramble based on the Scrambles template Are you a recipe renegade who likes to bend the rules A health conscious cook seeking kitchen confidence Are you busy or tired of going shopping for just one missing ingredient With the flexible templates in YumUniverse Pantry to Plate gluten free plantiful goodness is at your fingertips

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YumUniverse Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten Free Plant Powerful Whole Food Lifestyle which will release October 28 2014—a day she may cartwheel down the street with excitement Heather is also a certified T Colin Campbell Foundation plant based wellness coach who has developed a uniue and well loved collection of over 500 gluten free plant based recipes on her popular website

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