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Penelope Loves Porphyry Asphodel

Enario by one of Call of Cthulhu’s most passionate and accomplished writersDare to revisit the Enchanted Forest Originally written in 1994 and published in the text based online Chaosium Digest this version entirely revamps and expands Penelope Love's original manuscript text and sets it amid evocative period art Provided in both a screen friendly texture rich version and a high contrast printer friendly versio.

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In a forgotten corner of Earth’s dreamlands a mysterious structure has appeared A sprawling and oddly shaped castle known only as “Sleep”Meanwhile in legend haunted Arkham a young girl lies in a Sanitorium bed from which she has not risen for five years A tragic victim of the world wide plague of “sleepy sickness”These two developments linked by unseen bonds spanning across dimensions threaten the soul.

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Of a young dreamer and perhaps the very euilibrium of the Dreamlands themselves Only by undertaking a desperate journey can dreamers hope to defeat the cruel machinations of a heartless god that fuel these terrible events in both the waking world and the realms of slumberFeaturing the most famous dream character and artefact depicted in the stories of HP Lovecraft Porphyry Asphodel is a classic Dreamlands uest sc.