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Story 1Two brothers Jogi and Munna Yadav are two extraordinary guys leading ordinary lives Fate intervenes and the proverbial Seven Deadly Sins Pride Covetousness Gluttony Anger Lust Envy and Sloth impact and shape their lives paths in very different ways often proving to be virtues rather than sins Both brothers reach the pinnacle of success albeit via tangentially different paths Jogi gets married to the dusky and ambitious.

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Sins The Gita Karma

S if strength in Arjat's perpetual fight with circumstances until one of the pillars crumbles under pressure Arjat is charged with the murder of his ex boss but his staunch supporters his karma and the grand design of the Universe come to his rescue though not before claiming their dues and revealing hidden surprises and twists in the take which completes his amazing journey rendering the lessons learned from Gita well realize.

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Hansika while Munna to the simple but sweet Neelima Life has only just begun to smile on them but will it continue to or will the deadly fangs of past sins extract their pound or fleshStory 2 Taking lessons in the Gita from his friend Krish Arjat fights on with adversities of life being orphaned at an early age and then having been adopted by his uncle Brij His friends KC and the love of his life his wife Jasmin are his pillar.

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    Double Dhamaka from Dhiraj 2 stories both eually interesting engaging full of action emotion drama the storyline

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    I have just finished reading the book and am still overwhelmed by it I loved the author's ability to connect with his readers his simple simple language and the power of relating the events Both the stories are impressive marvelous and it's difficult to say which one is better In the second story Karma Philosophy is very well portrayed by the author In both the stories characters are realistic and most importantly Mr D

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    Did not received the book yet