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What has happened to regional experiences that identify and shape culture Regional foods are disappearing cultures are dissolving and homogeneity is spreading Anthropologist and award winning author of The Last Word Women Death and Divination in Inner Mani C Nadia Seremetakis brings together essays by five scholars con.

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The Senses Still

N Jonas Frykman C Nadia Seremetakis and Paul StollerC Nadia Seremetakis is Advisor to the Minister of Public Health in Greece and visiting professor at the National School of Public Heath in Athens She is the author of The Last Word Women Death and Divination in Inner Mani available from the University of Chicago Press.

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Cerned with the senses and the anthropology of everyday life Covering a wide range of topics from film to food from nationalism to the evening news the authors describe ways in which sensory memories have preserved cultures otherwise threatened by urbanism and modernityThe contributors are Susan Buck Morss Allen Feldma.

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    I think it is a great book From an anthropolocica point a view it establishes the relation of tradition abd rgw actual by the means of memory but a memory abchored in the senses There are not many books like this o