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Lessness usually has fatal conseuences This book records than a dozen American and Soviet space disasters from 1967 to the present day Presented are tragic and near tragic missions such as NASA's Gemini 6A and 8 Apollo 1 and 13 the C

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Disasters in Space

The journey into space is a dangerous one and although some aspects of space travel seem to be routine it still takes humanity to the limits of what is technically possible It is an environment that forgives no mistake and where care

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Hallenger and Columbia space shuttle disasters as well as the Soviets' Soyuz 1 11 and 18 1 and The concise and detailed history is presented along with rare photographs transcripts of mission conversations as well as detailed timelin

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    A very general introduction into some of the major space disasters I was a bit surprised that the Nedelin disaster wasn't included but perhaps it didn't fit into the author's narrative I noticed some consistency errors in throughout the text which should have been caught during editing I have to say some of the pictures were really affecting I'd never seen the Columbia helmet before