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E A nameless Sentry cleaner raised from birth to destroy paranormal threats she’s the thing monsters fear But then Lucas rescues her and everything changes According to him she has a family a home a purpose To Lucas she’s not just a number; she’s Seven and she’s beautiful They’re nothing alike He’s warm open easy to talk to Her Not so much Violence is all she’s ever known And none of that matters when she’s in his arms But when a threat from her past emerges to destroy the new life she’s worked so hard to forge Seven knows she’ll need to rely on. Loved it Can t wait till Violet s story

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Semi Broken Harper Hall Investigations #4

Her killer instincts to protect the future she longs for with Lucas She can only hope she doesn’t lose what’s left of her humanity and Lucas in the process Semi Broken works best if read as part of the Harper Hall Investigations series Book 1 Semi Charmed; Book 2 Semi Human; Book 3 Semi Twisted This book is intended for mature audiences This book is not intended for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smart kick ass literally heroines and potty mouthed alpha werewolves and who doesn’t appreciate a plethora of nerdy pop culture references For the rest of you happy readi. Semi Broken if the tale of how Harper and company find Riddick s missing sister Grace or 754821 Dr Violet Marchand and Luca Cooper enter Midvale prison where they find her drugged and chained to her bed After getting her into an interrogation room it becomes instantly clear 754821 or Seven as she will learned to be called and Luca have an immediate response to each other Then Dr Mengela the doctor responsible for performing experiment of Seven and keeping her caged interrupts them and all he ll breaks looseOnce Luca and By get Seven out of the compound they bring her to Harper Investigation s offices where they have to figure out where Seven will live After considering several options it soon becomes clear that Luca s home makes the most sense As Seven learns to fit into society and learn to work cases with the investigative team she also is falling for Luca However Luca has been warned by Vi that Seven is not ready for a relationship The trouble is no one warned either Seven or Lisa s raging hormonesAll is going fairly well until someone takes a shot at Seven Now the hunt is on to locate the assassin and take him out before he spoils Seven s attempt at a new life There was plenty of tension and intrigue in this read I also loved the deadly innocence of Seven but this book left me wanting It felt as though it ended too abruptly and I felt the storyline was rushed towards the end I m hoping the next and final book in the series will wrap things up nicely

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Wolf shifter Lucas Cooper is usually up for any wild mission Harper Hall throws his way But impersonating a doctor and breaking a woman out of the psych ward at a supernatural prison That’s a little crazy even for him Until he sees her One look into her haunted blue eyes and every protective instinct he has flares to life He’ll do anything to save her Not that it’ll be easy Break her out of prison No problem Convince her she’s not broken undeserving of love and incapable of redemption That might be trickier She’s 754821 and she’s a perfect killing machin. This was as close to as good as the first one as it could get Unlike our last book heroine Mischa I actually liked this girl a lot Okay so her name is Seven It s better than North Blue or Apple You really gotta consider every possible scenario when it comes to naming your babyThe guy in this one is Lucas who is a werewolf cop and has been in the series since the first book He was the Jacob of the first story The sweetheart loser that the heroine threw over for Mr Angsty Broody Let s face it broody always wins We women lap that shit upWhatever this guy s brooding about I m pretty sure I can fix itSo the deal is that all of these characters were previously in a secret government agency that took out vampires before the vamps came out of the coffin The agency was disbanded after the vamps got human rights legally because it was no longer open season So our people are all screwed up in different ways depending upon what their jobs were Seven was a cleaner meaning she would kill anyone who needed killing to clean up a situation It could have been witnesses innocent bystanders vamps that were hard to kill other people in the agency She was an eual opportunity assassin Seven doesn t even know how to bakeSince she was sold as a baby and was trained to be a heartless unemotional killer all of her life she wasn t exactly ready to fit in to normal society when the agency went bust So where to put her Hmm I know let s shove her in a mental institute where a sadistic doctor could torture her and do crazy experiments on her That will NEVER come back to haunt us It s the best idea everOuch That s gonna leave a mark Lucas helps bust Seven out of the nuthouse and brings her home with him to heal And according to every romance book ever the best way to heal all things that ail us girls is the magic peen Apparently it can cure the crazy with just one use Now that s handyAccording to men they are all MagicStill magic or not this book was fun enough I wish there would be a little danger in this series like REAL bad guys And I wish that the author wouldn t reuse some of the same lines like I love you I know in each book and the same I have to stay away from you for your own good thing But I will definitely read the next one I like the couple already

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    This was as close to as good as the first one as it could get Unlike our last book heroine Mischa I actually liked this girl a lot Okay so her name is Seven It's better than North Blue or Apple You really gotta consider every possible scenario

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    Shifters and dhampyres wit humor and excitement acceptance and love Isabel Jordan delivers it all in Semi Broken another wonderful installment in the Harper Hall Investigations series “In Lucas’ arms she wasn’t a mistake a wapon a freak She was just Seven” Alpha wolf shifter Lucas Cooper who we’ve met in previous Harper Hall installments has been tasked to break free the prisoner known as 754821 from the super

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    Semi Broken is the fourth book in the Harper Hall Investigations series a series I am absolutely in love with This book and series has uickly become a comfort series to me When I need a good read with some uirky but lovable characters this i

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    Loved it Can't wait till Violet's story

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    I think I’ve made it clear in my other reviews that I’m not a fan of deep dark and emotionally scarring reads For the most part I just want to be entertained when I read I prefer light hearted but still emotional reads that make me LAUGH a time or two That’s why I love this series It reads like a perfect blend of all my favorite romantic comedies action movies and supernatural TV shows That’s what kept me coming

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    This story had the potential of being much but tripped on the rug that is an overemphasis on physical characteristics and smut I actually understood where the H was coming from in this story and the one month jump in time made his feelings for the h much believable However I have a pretty good memory and don't need to be told every other chapter that the h has pretty pink lips Promise Or that he's really attracted to h

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    I very much like this world and the characters that inhabit it but I was particularly underwhelmed by the plot of this book that is if I could have found the plot as there wasn't one Lucas doesn't so much save Seven from pr

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    Semi Broken if the tale of how Harper and company find Riddick's missing sister Grace or 754821 Dr Violet Marchand

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    Seven is an awesome kick ass heroine and I loved her extra star for her alone Lucas was just ok The problem is

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    Breaking into a mental facility and rescuing someone seems a bit extreme but if you've read the other books you'll know it's mostly