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Youth Sport Migration and Culture

Re practices in multi ethnic contexts and at issues of inclusion in relation to public discourses around 'national identity' and immigrationOffering compelling analysis of how ideas of race and racism are elaborated through sport this book is fascinating reading for anybody with an interest in the sociology of sport sport development or youth cultur.

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How do migrant youth negotiate their role in society through sport and leisure practices How can political theory and ualitative critical research work together to make sense of these processes These are among the uestions that led to a long term investigation of young males' sport practices in Ireland possibly the most fertile contemporary setting.

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For the analysis of uestions of sport and identity  Youth Sport Migration and Culture emphasises the epistemological and ethical urgency of doing research with rather than on young people Engaging with the social changes in Irish society through the eyes of children of immigrants growing up in Ireland the book looks closely at young people's leisu.

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