[Quana Madison] LoSing Strength and Dexterity [aircraft Book] Ebook

Quana Madison Ó 3 characters

LoSing Strength and Dexterity

While opening her heart and mind to a new horizon Inspired by the arts and living expressions of Ubuntu in her communities una navigates complex traumas and embraces personal transformation in this inspiring validating and revelatory rea.

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LoSing Strength and Dexterity is a journey through pain suffering creative coping and searching for inner peace told through narrative letters poems and personal reflections Drawing on her deeply personal experiences author una Madison e.

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Xplores what it is like to live with disruptive chronic illnesses resulting from surgical treatments for breast ovarian and uterine cancerArmed with courage and unwavering resilience una confronts and mourns the death of her former life.

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