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Urn who has spent over a decade helping PhD students succeed in graduate school deftly navigates the world of the working academic Offering tips and tricks for survival she touches on everything from thesis and article writing and keeping motivation alive to time management research strategies mastering new technologies applying for promotion dealing with sexism in the workplace polishing grant applications and deciding what to wear to give a keynote address These essays are f.

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Becoming an Academic

Unny irreverent and spot on; Mewburn peppers her writing with wit and wisdom that speaks to graduate studentsConstructive inclusive hands on and gloves off this book is a survival manual for aspiring and practicing academics as well as for students who are considering whether to stay in academia A field guide to living in the academic trenches without losing your mind or your heart Becoming an Academic confirms that no matter what your experience is in academia you are not alo.

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Welcome to the university where the Academic Hunger Games fueled by precarious employment conditions is the new reality a perpetual jostle for short term contracts and the occasional plum job But Inger Mewburn is here to tell you that life doesn't have to be so grim A veteran of the university gig economy Mewburn aka The Thesis Whisperer is perfectly placed to reflect on her experience and offer a wealth of practical strategies to survive and thriveIn Becoming an Academic Mewb.

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    Not very helpful Does not address the real ineualities and biases in academia or how to deal with themHere is an example of her advice dealing with colleagues Silence is a potent weapon Pause long enough for everyone to feel uncomfortable and show others who might have a go at you that you are not to be trifled with Then reply as calmly and dismissively as possible 'Thank you for your feedback I'll think abou

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