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You mustn't be afraid to dream a little biggerIt is not the job of a parent to pick their child up when they fall it is their job to teach their child how to get up for themselves Just as it is not a parent's job to teach their child what to think but rather how to think how to uestion the daily interactions and encounters of the life they have ahead of them and how to value the morality within those interactionsThis book is my attempt t.

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Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers

O encourage children towards a lifelong journey of critical thinking and sow the seeds of wider philosophical principals to the next generation of big thinkers This book deals with the principles of self esteem self respect racial and religious tolerance success love friendship and many values and virtue that a well rounded forward thinker may wish to considerWe live in a world where we often hold ourselves to other people's standards Be.

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It beauty success happiness or wealth we tend to look outwardly for confirmation of our achievements and we forget to uestion why we do things that way at all It is my hope to illuminate the possibility that perhaps we have what we need to feel successful or beautiful or happy within ourselves already and it is only our perception of those things that we need to changeKeep asking uestionsKeep wondering whyAnd remember to always THINK BI.

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    Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers is a stunning book This didn’t surprise me at all as I have read and LOVED both The Christmas Tale of Elaine Gale and The Humundo Sorterium by Daniel Thompson He is a very talented poet and children’s book author I knew I was in for a treat when Daniel offered me the chance to read an advance copy of Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers and it is just brilliantThe aim of the bo

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    I’ve read the previous two books by this author and loved them This one is uite different and I found it to be an interesting read This author is a very talented author and poet He wants to encourage children to think He takes normal problems and sees it through a different way I must say I’m not keen on poetry However this author has changed my mind as I found myself going over this book a few times and justthinking Big sh

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    How does someone fit SO much positivity in one bookBig Thoughts for Little Thinkers is a fabulously uirky meander through a broad range of topics from celebrating difference to learning from our mistakes casting off our worries and