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Ster housing estate The author is the original creator of the TV programme Coronation Stree.

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The Lights of Manchester

Spanning a total of 40 years this book follows the lives of two people Sorrel Starkey and M.


Ick Grimshaw who cannot wait to escape from their childhood background of a suburban Manche.

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    I very much enjoyed reading this novel It is not very often that I find myself reading a book than once however this was one that I read three times This novel spans over roughly sixty years and takes us on a journey through the chil

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    This is a big book and in many ways put me in mind of Barbara Taylor Bradford's giant tomesWe follow the stories of Sorrell and Mickey from childhood through various ups and downs for around 50 years whilst alongside them are variou

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    The book is obviously based on Tony's life Very readable and most enjoyable I couldn't put it down

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