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Fakers Forgers Phoneys Famous Scams and Scamps

And polygamy in his native island of Formosa Taiwan; the fabricated missing link human skull which was discovered in a gravel pit in 1912; and how an obese cockney adventurer in Australia succeeded in passing himself off as a slim young English aristocrat who had disappeared than 10.

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Masterfully exploring the shadowy world of deception and counterfeiting this intriguing collection gathers 16 case studies True tales include a mystery man known by the unlikely name of George Psalmanazar who fooled the London literary world in 1704 with lurid accounts of cannibalism.

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Years earlier in 1854 More recent scams unveiled are a house painter cum art restorer who fooled the art world and became a national TV celebrity in 1979 and a suave London conman who inveigled a struggling artist to become involved in the greatest British art scam of the 20th centu.

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    Very good book Sheds light on some very interesting characters

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