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Ke algae to a Venice wharf it is the hub of MONACO COOL MONACO COOL's breezy style and charming blend of brio zest and menace make this a wickedly good treat

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Monaco Cool

Omes the author's second home as he attempts survival in the world's swankiest neighborhood The Principality's most eccentric characters cling to Le Texan li

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Here is a cheeky irreverent look at Monaco and the uirky characters who populate the fairy tale Principality A trendy Tex Mex saloon in the native uarter bec

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    Robert Westgate's account of his year's sojourn in Monaco is a pleasant undemanding snapshot of the place and its mostly ex pat inhabitants His views of Monaco and the neighbouring European countries he takes trips over to are a little overly cynical sometimes One gets the sense that he is aiming for the American abroad aloofness of Hemingway an obvious hero of his but he ends up sounding a bit crabby and petty at tim

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    Robert Westgate is a pseudonym for Robert Eringer Eringer a very prolific writer former investigative journalist FBI informant and Spy chief for Prince Albert II of Monaco which ended in a highly entertaining blog and multiple ongoing lawsuits

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