(Pdf) Wine The Biblical Imperative Total Abstinence By Robert P. Teachout

Robert P. Teachout ↠ 1 SUMMARY

Of research in the ancient sources and after a doctoral dissertation of almost five hundred pages he argues in this work that the Bible does teach total abstinence as the divine imperative This work in understandable and popular form may very well begin a revolution of thinking concerning the twentieth century Christian and alcoholic beverag.


Wine The Biblical Imperative Total Abstinence

Convictions from Scriptural grounds There is a rather silent but regretful admission that the best scholarship has shown that the drinking of alcoholic beverages was common is Bible days and that one cannot argue total abstinence from scriptureRobert Teachout in this work boldly challenges the thinking of modern scholarship Following months.

CHARACTERS Wine The Biblical Imperative Total Abstinence

There was a time not too long ago when Christians of America possessed strong convictions against the use of alcoholic beverages They were convinced that the Bible taught total abstinence and that conviction rang from the pulpits of the land Some Christians today still hold the view of total abstinence but feel they can no longer argue such.

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