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  • The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy
  • Darin Park
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  • 14 June 2019
  • 9781896944098

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    Good reference guides for fantasy writers are few and far between I know because I’ve pawed through most of the options I took a shot in the dark in purchasing Alchemy With Words volume one of The Complete GuideTM to Wri

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    NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERSI found this book to be excellent It brings together a variety of writers with different takes and views on how to write things Most of the writers are entertaining and make you want to keep reading as you learn about their ways of doing things I only found fault with one chapter in the book that by Milen

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    Nice in breath guide I did not stop and plan after reading every chapter I read everything straight like reading a fiction and it was fun

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    It took me practically forever to work my way through this book In this case it was a good thing for it gave me many ideas on how to develop my world story and characters The Complete Guide To Writing Fantasy vol 1 was a really good introduction on the sorts of things that go into writing The topics the authors covered w

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    It's a good book and it would be a higher rating except for the plethora of typos

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    To provide some background I'm an aspiring fantasysci fi writer and this is the first book I've read on writing in the fantasy genre Prior to th

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    The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy is a non fiction title with numerous contributing writers written for writers It is a compendiu

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    This is a pretty good collection of tips and tricks for the modern day fantasy writer This is multiple articles

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    A semi decent guide to writing fantasy literature Although there is a wealth of information and advice contained within this was al

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    All around this is an excellent resource Even though my book isn't set in a medieval culture I found tips I plan on using I have th

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Darin Park ð 1 SUMMARY

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy

Jeanine Berry FictionFactorcom author of Dayspring Dawning and Daysprint Destiny The Complete Guide lives up to its name and goes beyond the ord. Good reference guides for fantasy writers are few and far between I know because I ve pawed through most of the options I took a shot in the dark in purchasing Alchemy With Words volume one of The Complete GuideTM to Writing Fantasy Published by a small press and written by a collection of fantasy authors who haven t much collective experience or acclaim among them the book has much to recommend it and much not to On the plus side this is one of the most varied and complete offerings I ve seen on the subject and this is just volume one Subjects include Roots of Fantasy Characterization Race Creation World Building Clich s Plot Medieval Clothing and Food Health and Medicine Magic Mythology Religion and Arms and Armor Although a few chapters skim by with only basic info many of them include insightful and detailed explanations of aspects of the genre that every author would be wise to heed Of course with only a chapter devoted to each subject the book can t be considered definitive But it offers an excellent jumping off point into further research Based on the uality of information alone I consider the book worth reading However the production values offer some serious drawbacks Aside from general poor editing and typesetting the lack of professionalism displayed by the various authors some to the point of out and out self indulgence in which the authors ramble about their own unpublished fantasy manuscripts or state their subjective pet peeves as if they were rules of the genre is annoying at best and downright frustrating at worst If you can get past the writing to access the information you may find this book a useful primer on the world of writing fantasy


Inary Written by new and established voices of Science Fiction and Fantasy Alchemy With Words offers something for writers at all levels Its sag. To provide some background I m an aspiring fantasysci fi writer and this is the first book I ve read on writing in the fantasy genre Prior to this I also read two of the most famous general writing advice books out there On Writing A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King and Bird by Bird Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott both of which I enjoyed tremendously for different reasons If you re looking for writing inspiration and guidance I d suggest starting with those two Now onto The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Alchemy with WordsThe information housed in these pages is solid Excellent even Almost every chapter provides useful links and resources pertaining to the topic at hand be it weapons and armor health and medicine mythology or anything else you would need to research to start writing your own epic or swashbuckling adventure There is also a ton of useful advice on how to approach these topics and how to incorporate them into your own original worlds The common thread running through all of these chapters is this do your research Not a bad bit of advice and there s enough foundational research in each chapter to inspire you and get you started on the road to writing realistic imaginary tales As paradoxical as that sounds the book drives home that the your readers can find something to ground them in your stories the engaged and invested they will become I do think there s something to thatOnto the blemishesThis book is filled with typos It s a collaborative project so some chapters are written brilliantly without a grammatical error in sight while others have readers tripping over errors at every turn The worst offender of this is the final chapter which discusses the importance of editing and proofreading your work before submitting it to an agent or publisher but does this amidst five or six errors in that brief chapter alone You have problems with it s and its and misspellings of famous fantasy character names as well as some fantasy authors The book is not unreadable but if you re a stickler for spelling and grammar like I sometimes am you ll notice that not all is as it should be especially in the first uarter of the bookAlso a couple of the writers especially in the early chapters use a golly gee style to discussing their topics Did you know that women can also be heroes now Wow How novel This is a style and personality critiue so depending on your own views and experiences you might forgive this type of stuff uicker and easier than othersIn the end if you simply use this as a pseudo encyclopedic resource that can lead you to other primary sources you ll love it As my introduction to books on writing fantasy this was a very useful start as it lit uite a few fires in my imagination while inspiring me to be better be thorough and to strive to be fantastic one of these days

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E advice will help you avoid many amateur mistakes Explore World Building Religions Food Fighting Weaponry and much to craft an exceptional stor. The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy is a non fiction title with numerous contributing writers written for writers It is a compendium that covers a broad range of material for writers of fantasy and will be useful to those writing in this genre The Cover The image is a good fit for a non fiction title geared towards writers and the uill lends itself to the fantasy genre The title clearly conveys what the book is about but while the fonts are suitable enough I feel the title fonts could have been a little better Overall a strong cover for the titleThe Good Stuff This book would be a fantastic addition to any fantasy writer s reference library It is packed with useful information on topics relevant to the fantasy genre from medieval food and clothing to religion and world building This book has detailed information weapons armour and much It also provides links to websites and further reference material that is relevant and may be of useThe Bad Stuff If there is any bad stuff I did not notice it I am very satisfied with this book as a reference guide for writing fantasyOverall this is a fantastic reference guide It covers a great deal of topics relevant to the fantasy writer and will open your eyes to or at the very least remind you about checking your facts The content is both interesting and great for future reference I m ranking this one 5 out of 5 golden bookmarks